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A Message: Earth Values vs Spiritual Values

The following is a channelled message received by Jordan as he meditated on the differences between Earth Values and Spiritual Values. That's the thing with seriously exercising the telepathic muscles, they start working, and it was felt that a deeper message was needed at this time for those with ears to hear as the saying goes!

Usually these types of downloads would come from those guides we know as 'J', however this was from a different set of spiritual beings that Jordan described as feeling like a more humanoid collective with a more basic vibration, but given with J's blessings. We believe they felt they had answered this question on values before so why not let someone else handle it!

You can listen to this blog post narrated in full here if you would rather not read.

As for the dressing gown, sorry not sorry, it was late and it's sooooo comfortable 🤗.

Next time you look in the eyes of a person or a child, ask yourself in your own mind, 'Am I constructive in your overall development or growth, or am I destructive in your overall growth?'

Dear Earthlings

Earth and Spirit

We call you Earthlings not because we are 'above' or 'below' you in anyway, but simply because we are not bound by Earth and you are, and the concept of Earthling, describes an organism tethered to your planet.

We have a unique message for you today that the instrument (Jordan) had an urge to bring through upon his own request to us, that is, the instrument desires us to speak to you about the difference between Earth Values and Spiritual Values.

Therefore, we oblige and will do so...

There is a great work, a significant work that comes before your birth into this planet, so much planning, so much thought. Your incarnations are heavily planned out and this goes for the vast majority of humans, but we are not going to focus on the schematics of 'which humans plan and which humans do not' - consider that if you are reading this, you are more than likely a human who has spent a significant amount of time planning the incarnation you are in now, or perhaps even future incarnations, or your termination of incarnation in regard to this planet.

The significant pre-incarnative work cannot go underestimated, it is to be seen as the most important stage before entering Earth, for to plan an incarnation is to figure out for what purpose you wish to go into a hellish zone of the Universe called Earth.

Planning for Earth is similar to planning for an upcoming future war, great preparation must be made. During the planning of an incarnation -an individual must consult the deepest reverberations within them to come to figure what exactly they wish to get out of Earth, such that when they leave, they are in a significantly better position than they were before. ‘Position’ as we had used this word, is a vague concept to an Earthling, but you must imagine that to be free of Earth, free of physical laws, is to equally be limited by non-physical laws.

Seed growing

There is a science to reincarnation and a science to how a soul develops and grows - souls do not enter into your planet for a hop-skip and a jump and a good lunch at Joe's café, souls enter into your planet for some serious goals and desires to be achieved such that upon leaving, non-physical laws are not impeding their ability to venture through the Universe to regions of the same that mean a lot to them.

Let us say that 'Person A' desires an Earth incarnation so they may become a part of an advanced civilisation in a different region of the Milky Way Galaxy, the civilisation has noted that 'Person A' is not adequately evolved to partake in their planetary system and has requested that they go to a planet such as Earth and undergo a specific paradigm of development and growth such that when they have finished, they may then transfer to the advanced civilisation seamlessly.


Let us say that 'Person B' is illiterate, unintelligent or as emotionally unevolved as a new-born baby, this person is most incompatible with the greater harmonious Universe and thus requires development in their failure to treat other beings in an adequate fashion, "you're going to Earth" the 'helper' will state to the immature entity who does not know how to conduct themselves in the harmonious Universe. Only at the time where they have finished an array of incessant incarnations can they begin to occupy the harmonious Universe more fully, becoming more friendly and well-behaved, and far more capable at understanding others and things of an advanced nature.

There are many 'Person B's' on your planet may we add... In many ways, your planet feels like a prison for 'Person B's'. Entities who are simply brats, immature children who do not even know the first thing about respect and empathy, who treat others poorly and have no respect for those who are wiser than them. So it should be that allowing 'Person B's' to roam around and ruin the livelihood of peaceful beings is a rather foolish idea.

Children are to be looked after and disciplined correctly, we take our job seriously in this way - desiring to educate those who require the education.

give respect get respect

Dear Earthlings, you are seeing your planet the wrong way, this planet is not a place for you to enter for the sake of accumulating a large number of funds, this is not a place for you to become famous and adored by millions for no apparent reason other than your capacity to look silly, this planet is not for your material success - most Earthlings are but ignorant children who do not know the first thing about Universal Matters. Until you begin to appreciate what we call Spiritual Values, you will never come to truly understand the grand nature of this rather beautiful Universe we partake in and share together.

There are many kinds of Persons, there are 'Person C's, D's, E's' etc, different entities enter into the planet for different reasons, let us give you another example. 'Person C's' enter the planet to serve as acting parents, teachers, pillars of wisdom and compassion, directors and guides. They educate and raise a variety of different classes of entities, 'Person C's' may raise 'Person D's' who are effectively sages who will go on to have a very significant impact on the planet toward their later life (beyond their 30's is rather typical), 'Person C's' may also raise or temper 'Person B's' and this may play a significant role for the majority of their life (temper not relating to raising a child from birth but tempering or ironing a naughty 'Person B', or a 'Person B' who needs adequate input of evolutionary stimuli).

climbing helping hand

'Person C's' may lose themselves in this experience, may become lost and wonder where they are in their own life. For 'Person C's', your job is never so simply ’over’ as an educator, it tends to take different forms and shapes instead as you progress through a life. Do not worry 'Person C's', because you are not insane for taking up the role of an educator, it would be bat **** crazy if you entered this planet just for the fun of educating neophytes, instead, you are going to gain so, so much for what you undergo whilst you are here so keep your chin up.

Take note of the difference, pay severe attention to the difference between Earth Values (all to do with money, and the accumulation of material success) and Spiritual Values. For Spiritual Values are the capacity for a 'Person C' to take note of how much progress he or she has made in developing those who he or she raises or tempers.

For a 'Person D', they takes note of their success in imparting Spiritual Values by seeing how they are improving the overall balance of an individual's vibratory totality.

For a 'Person B', he or she recognises their development of Spiritual Values as they become more harmonious with the world around them, or become more self-aware and intelligent overall, far more capable at behaving well and respectful in the presence of others.

Spiritual Values are completely different from Earth Values, if you lack material success - do not allow this to get you down - material success or material accumulation should never cause a Soul made of Spirituality to feel lesser or inadequate, because you are humans we of spiritual dimensions do not expect you to see the bigger picture all the time, but you must sometimes remind yourself of the bigger picture so you do not get swamped in the chaos of your Capitalistic and Materialistic world.

Try your best to disallow yourself from being swept away in your lacks and instead, take note of your Spiritual Successes.

Spiritual success

For different Persons (A,B,C,D etc) your successes will look different, but let us of the spiritual realm assure you, your successes will never, ever have anything to do with how much money is in your bank account or what famous people you have in your contact-list, your successes are always going to be in the things that have nothing to do with the accumulation of survival material -instead, your successes are always going to be found in your relationships with people and your relationship with yourself, most importantly yourself may we add for there is nothing more important than your relationship with yourself.

Success in a life cannot be measured easily, but you will come to see as you advance further, that success is usually easily found in how constructive and positive your relationship with the people around you is, positive is really beside the point for it is more about whether your relationships are constructive we should add. We define constructive in your ability to form a relationship with someone whereby Spiritual Values, values of the soul, values of an individual's overall vibratory rate and growth, are considered as more important than whether you are working with an incredible company who pays out a large sum of money per Year.

Next time you look in the eyes of a person or a child, ask yourself in your own mind, 'Am I constructive in your overall development or growth, or am I destructive in your overall growth?'

Shining Eyes
abdllhaydmr_photos / Instagram

You may wonder what growth is?

Growth is the core vibratory rate of your soul and its capacity to increase along a coherent trajectory. Your soul is made of electricity, of life force, the electrical oscillations are inhibited by bad thought practices, by thought systems that are destructive to your overall wellbeing or the wellbeing of others. It is usually far easier to tell whether your thought-patterns are destructive in relationships, but some entities, rare albeit, are born with the ability to self-analyse and determine whether their thought-patterns, without a point of reference, are destructive not only to themselves but also their surroundings.

So, look into an entity's eyes for a brief moment, but a few seconds, then look away and wonder, "Am I constructive or destructive to your life? Do I incur good thought-patterns within you or bad ones? Am I increasing your self-awareness or decreasing it? How exactly am I contributing to your Mind?"

If you can answer this question in a balanced manner, then you can come to figure how close you are to your meeting your Spiritual Values whilst you are a part of this planet. An entity who understands the difference between Spiritual Values and Earth Values, as far as we of the spiritual realm are concerned, should have free reign to do whatever they wish with themselves without any sense of concern, only those who cannot conceive of the difference between Spiritual Values and Earth Values are the most dangerous beings upon your planet, not only toward others but also toward themselves, these entities are susceptible to becoming lost, disorientated or deranged, they lose themselves in their own thoughts and struggle to make informed decisions without the help of external forces. They cannot figure which direction to take themselves without relying on an underlying foundation to keep them upright and moving forward.

It must be meditated on, the significant difference of Spiritual Values and Earth Values before you start making decisions about what you wish to do with your life, and when you come to figure the difference, then you can confidently do as you wish without fear.

Perhaps we have only confused Earthlings more with this transcript, but we think it is rather necessary at this current time to have you educated on this topic, discuss amongst yourselves, what do you consider Spiritual Values to be, you of Earth should at-least have an inkling of an intuition that is still connected to the Akasha which will help you come to a wise conclusion in group sessions. Try to take money and material success out of the picture of your spiritual development.

contemplation by a lake

'What about Parents who need money to raise their children? How do we deal with the world and still develop?'

A parent does indeed need money to raise a child, but we are not talking about parents in this document, we are talking about you. Your dharmic role as a parent is completely different to your karmic role as a soul. Parents are actors playing out a stage where they go to work, accumulate survival materials and turn those survival materials into useful formations for their child to consume (typically consume). That is but a role, an act, a stage name for an Oscar winning performance, but it is not the real substrate or reason you are here. For parents, it is not your capacity to supply your children with survival resources that matter, instead, it is the relationship you build with your 'children' that matters.

Parent and kids playing in the sand

Many parents become obsessed with their act and forget to actually formulate a relationship with their child, this can be both sad and comedic at the same time, we in the spiritual realm laugh for it is rather obvious to us but to an Earthling, it is a completely foreign idea (sometimes). When a parent understands that the spiritual relationship they have with their child is completely different to the physical relationship they have with their child, they will begin caring significantly less about developing their financial situation to the skyscrapers and will simply do what is absolutely necessary to ensure the security and physiological well-being of their children. In this, there will be greater focus on developing their child's inner spirit at the appropriate moments of course.

Try not to become obsessed with being a parent, that is simply your performance, your child needs you to be the 'parent' for a certain time period of their life until they can begin fending for themselves a little more, the first signs of independence in a child is a wonderful sign for a parent indeed. If you have a rather unhealthy attachment to parenting, remedying this attachment to parenting will do you spiritual good and will lift many weights off your shoulders, a new horizon will blossom into view in terms of how you perceive your child, for you will no longer look at them as something to parent perpetually, but instead, something to flourish, to grow, to develop, to spiritually nurture.

The conversations you will have will not be 'what have you eaten today, have you done this and have you done that?' and will instead be 'How exactly are you today? How can I help you come closer to your own inner spiritual values?'

You, not as a parent, but as a teacher will ponder where exactly your child lacks in their overall spirituality and will set up circumstances where they can develop toward that end, you will become your child’s spiritual friend and your child will greatly appreciate it. Often, at-least in terms of what we see, parents say they love their child from the position of the actor rather than the position of a spiritual friend. True love has nothing to do with parental love, parental love is innate to the body, a physiological experience between the progenitors and fertilised egg, true love however, is the love you develop in your relationship with the God-Spark within another individual.

parent holding hands with child

It is the love that teaches you to treat the child as you would wish to be treated, it is the love that tells you to teach the child to treat others as he or she would wish to be treated, it is the love that encourages you to teach your child to notice the beauty of nature and the wonder of the Universe, it is the love that brings you closer to your child not because you are an expert at feeding them and putting a roof over their head, but instead because you are an expert at building a deep and ebbing relationship with another human that goes beyond meeting another individuals survival needs - humans would be surprised how often we observe in the spiritual realms parents failing emitting this manner or nature of love.

Therefore, our message to parents is to see the difference between the act you perform, which is more than likely going to require you to accumulate money and resources - and the relationship you form which is entirely a different story, let us clarify once more...

There are two basic relationships you can form with another human:

1. A relationship based on supplying that human with survival needs, this creates orange ray exchanges of Love, a very primitive love which is not based on Spiritual Values but materialistic or physiological values.

2. A relationship based on building everlasting communication with that human founded upon higher values than survival, this creates higher level exchanges of energy which idealistically improve the overall rate of vibration of the other person.

(If you desire to understand these exchanges of energy, it is not a bad idea to research the Ra Material which we in the spirit realm believe gives some degree of detail on this, naturally it is important to form your own opinions of material such as what we share or other non-earthbound beings.)

Expanding further, you may think of these exchanges to be exchanges of:

yellow energy

- Yellow energy, the capacity to share ideas and creative thought – this aids in the development of the pre-frontal cortex, an important opportunity for increasing self-awareness and intellectual power.

green energy

- Exchanges of green energy, this aids in the development of Christhood, the capacity of Universal Love as you would understand - this region of an entity's soul is very difficult to develop if you yourself have not developed this region of your own soul, may we add.

Blue energy

- Finally, exchanges of blue energy, these exchanges are exchanges of deep wisdom, the kind that fills you up and allows you to see the natural world around you as something to be deeply unified rather than separated from, a flower suddenly is not simply a flower but an expression of God, and all about you are things that emit pure innocence and forgiveness rather than things to hate, blame or despise for what humans will call a good reason.

The goal of this text is to help, even just a little, a human understand the difference between Earth Values and Spiritual Values, to we in the spirit realm, we know that Spiritual Values last beyond death, but Earth Values do not, therefore, it is to our ignorant opinion that a human should find more grace in Spiritual Values than Earthly ones seeing Earthly values as temporal or ephemeral rather than lasting to any degree.

Sometimes a human must embrace Earth Values, we understand this of course, that is the act you must play, but when it comes to the time you are not working your 9 – 5, it becomes important (relative to your freewill) to notice whether you are in line with your Spiritual Values, whether you are being constructive to your environment or destructive to it – this and only this should be able to determine your degree of happiness or your overall joy.

Perhaps this has aided in your understanding of Spiritual Values or Earth Values, or perhaps it has not, none-the-less our communication must come to an end now, We are Through.

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