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This book could best be described as the E.T. guide to Energy... for humans!

The Motion of Infinity

Metaphysical book
  • What is Christ Consciousness?

  • Divine revelations on the mental energies of Ego, Suffering, Healing, Prayer and Organic Meditation.

  • Learn new information on Death, the transition to the Afterlife and the process of Reincarnation.

  • Access higher dimensional perspectives on the physical energies of the Body, Food and Psychedelics.

  • Gain extraordinary insight into this human experience and the mystery of Earth's Pre-history.

  • And ultimately the demystification of the metaphysical energies of Chi, Prana, Chakras, Kundalini, and the true process of Enlightenment itself.

It all simply comes down to Energy and how skilled we become at motioning it.

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Ebook, Paperback and exquisite Hardback available now on Amazon!

Read a sample here.

As this is channelled information we feel is of great importance,

if needed, a Free PDF version can be downloaded here.


Do you believe in divine communication?

Many view the Bible writers to have been divinely inspired by God, but have you ever wondered what that process looked like?

There are holy books throughout the world that are classed as the word of God or dictated by Angels, but if true how does this process occur?

The subconscious has a natural unity with all things. What if it's possible to tap into that subconscious unity, and channel not just Angelic interconnected aspects but Source itself?

Take a look inside!

Here in these pages both Source and the benevolent group we call 'J' offer their quite remarkable perspective on

Energy - The Motion Of Infinity.

This is Higher Dimensional Info!

Do you believe in psychic abilities?

What if I told you that telepathy is the universal language.

 That it's entirely possible for intelligent beings to transmit a frequency, a concept, an image or revelation of any type or form, regardless of space or distance.

That this ability does not require language and is indeed real.

And that the receiving of telepathic information requires a deep practice of listening without judgement.

What is Source?

My son Jordan, has the ability to enter a deep trance and connect to Intelligent Infinity, to Light, Love and Life itself - to that Sub, or hidden of the Mind, the Unified Field of Consciousness, to allow in as much of the vibration and intelligence of the God-Force in the purest form his body can handle.

Do you believe in Extra-Terrestrial life?

9 planets (I include Pluto) floating around our Sun.


 100-400 billion Suns in our Milky Way Galaxy, with trillions of their own planets.


Another 200 billion (likely trillions) of other Galaxies, containing their own Suns and Planets.


Practically zero likelihood of us being the only intelligent life in this beautifully vast universe. 

Who are 'J'?

The 'J' are Extra-Terrestrial in their evolution, loving in service, humanoid but far more evolved.

Called Angels by some as they appear to people as balls of light due to their higher vibration.

Associated with those Gardeners that seeded, and at various times upgraded humanity during Earth's rather fascinating Pre-history.

Find out more inside!

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You can support by purchasing the book on Amazon

If you are unable to buy for whatever reason, as this is channelled information we feel is of great importance, please download the PDF version here for free.

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