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Energy Follows The Mind

After 4 years of consistent meditation my son in his 20th year underwent vivid spiritual transformations, unlocking aspects of his DNA that have put us on a quite remarkable and unexpected path of internal discovery.


Like many parents I thought I had lost my child to online gaming and the various other screens that capture our society, but to my welcome surprise, through way too many synchronicities to ever be termed random, it turned out he was as psychic as some of those mentally mutant marvels in X-men, and had the ability to perform Source Readings, a deeply spiritual communication that utilises the higher facilities of the subconscious mind to draw information from the unified field.

This unity allows all sparks to connect, whether that is to the great Akashic Records, super intelligent higher dimensional beings that have taken their own path of evolution, or the infinite intelligence of Source itself, it is all connected and made available to tap into.

It's a quite wonderfully mind blowing art made famous by the exalted likes of Edgar Cayce and Paul Solomon, an art that allows questions to be asked and intelligently answered directly from that which we are all connected to, Source!

As we took our journey, greater spiritual progress ensued and after a year filled with divine guidance, changes to diet, routine, environment, mental and spiritual health; further awakenings occurred. The psychic muscles had grown, they had flourished under the disciplined commitment of an adept young mind, and a telepathic communication with a group of higher dimensional beings we lovingly call the 'J' - different in their evolution, humanoid but ever so far more evolved and ever so willing to be of loving service - grew organically and now, both Source and the group we call 'J' offer their quite remarkable perspectives on all aspects of spiritual growth.


For we are indeed here to grow are we not?


Mind is the Builder; Love is the Key

My world changed during a moment of satori, an awakening aged 23, on a visit to Grenada and Carriacou to spend some time with a father I had not known as a child. We didn't get on as well as I would have liked, but it was during that trip as I stood alone in the darkness of the night on a hill, that I had what I could only describe as a panic attack, a literal brief internal breakdown of mass overwhelming fear.

I’m not sure how long I was standing there in this quite paralysing state of mind and body, but at some random point I distinctly remember one simple phrase popping up in my terrified quivering mind, which broke the spell of fear with such force that it propelled me into the most joyful state I have ever experienced in my life.

The phrase was ‘F*** THIS!’, yes very ungodly you might say, but that sudden shift just welled up from inside of me like a powerful ball of dynamic resolve and embodied my entire being. My attitude to that crippling fear switched so forcefully and so instantly, that there was a flash of light, not figuratively though, I do literally remember seeing a flash of extreme light and I was somehow quite spontaneously sent into a timeless experience of pure enlightened expansion that realistically only lasted 20 minutes or so, before I was back to being just a young man standing on top of a random Caribbean hill, but was more than long enough to completely alter my perception of reality forever.

This was immediately followed by a Near Death Experience that same night during a drowning incident in the warm but unforgiving waves of the Caribbean Sea, but that's a story for another day.

These two life altering moments awakened me to a greater reality, however life has its way and as the years went by I found myself back in the Western world of survival, working/slaving as a Business Analyst, supporting a family I loved, but generally dragging myself through an unfulfilling world of 9-5 work and responsibility, that I maybe on paper should have been happy with, but at a deeper level wasn't.

It was the awakening of my eldest son, and the more recent exposure to the pure wonder of Source Readings, that have led to a course of events where my young son is now my spiritual teacher, and I am truly back on that path to fulfilment.

To finalise with a brief background I’ve been many things, a Network Communications Coordinator for The National Lottery, a Data Automator for Polo Ralph Lauren, a Thai Boxer, and even a Glastonbury performing rapper - Dubbledge for those that are curious to google - but I am happy to say I have finally left my most recent ‘survival’ career as a Business Analyst to turn those data-mining and problem solving skills, towards my ‘thrival’ career of helping and aiding people on their personal, mental and spiritual journey’s, whilst I also continue my own.

Thank you for reading part of my story, and I hope we can help with part of your story as well.

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