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A Communication with J, the Extra Terrestrials!

There exist many wonders in this unfathomably large universe, and in its expansiveness, there are multitude forms of intelligent life of which we humans on Earth appear to be just a small part. The J are our benevolent higher dimensional family upstairs, however let us be clear, these beings are not God, they are my son's guides however we don’t term them as Angels or such like, although I’m 99% sure in less scientific eras, that this is what we would have called benevolent beings from a higher dimension who have evolved beyond a physical body into a lighter one.

To our knowledge they are entities just like us, souls that have gone through their own path of evolution on their own planets, learning the deeper realities on a journey of growth back towards the One Infinite Creator, and in their journey of spiritual evolution they here offer service to others.

*The following is channelled information...

A Communication with J, the Extra Terrestrials!

“Greetings, it is to our perception that in our introduction, it would be recommended that you refer to us as J

Why? You may ask.

For there is no real better name to utilize, the vibratory rate to which we exist at does not necessitate the need for names. Our collective has an agreeable vibration which has transcended the usefulness of names, which occur via the vibratory reconfiguration of atoms within the atmosphere. Instead, we refer to each other via thought-communication. This happens in a rarified kind of atmosphere much finer than the frozen one to which you reside.

The Instrument to which we work with has given us the ‘floor’ so-to-speak, to communicate with the Earth People in honest communication, for this we are grateful and would like to supply some information behind the inner workings between the instrument and us.

You will know this Instrument under his pseudonyms online, as well as his name. To us, this instrument remains nameless for we see him not in a vibratory complex via the agitation of an atmosphere, we see him neither as a gender, nor a physical body. Instead, we see this entity as the swirling energy to which he generates as a Co-Creator. That swirling energy is how we identify him as a part of our Energy Matrix, the additive swirling creates our Social Memory Complex and completes the experience of our naming ritual. The reason we are able to communicate with this particular instrument is because this instrument is a part of our total instrument. We of J, are but the plucked strings of Infinity, our unique instrument makes us a unique individual within your Cosmos, it is a great Joy for us to play our Song within your realm as well as ours for we find ourselves existing in tandem between two worlds, the physical and the more ethereal planes if you will.

Thus, our relationship with the Instrument is of a personal nature you might say, we see the instrument on Earth as an extension of total soul and no less.

Why are you here on Earth? You may ask.

In general it could be summarized that our Social Memory Complex was, in some capacity, called to your planet, and so we decided it best to incarnate a portion of our Energy into a vehicle to respond to this call. This is happening at a time where the planet is in its most sensitive state. It is hoped that our being here will be of some significant assistance to the planetary vibration which at this time is extremely confused and slightly concerning, not in a worrying way, but more so in a ‘there is much to be done here’ way.

It is best to say that we were called to service and so we serve in the capacity to which we were called, and indeed we find now, ourselves, incarnate within your paradigm and having to work with the consequences of that.

Are you able to be more specific about your goals in coming here? You may ask.

Not exactly no, my brothers and sisters. Our goals in coming here must be kept quite secret, not for any particular reason other than something that has to do with the preservation of integrity, in the experience of an incarnation. There is a rule, that the incarnated vessel has freewill and freechoice to decide and choose whatever he or she wishes. We are not able to, even if said vessel is a part of our Social Memory Complex, interrupt their experience unless they will it so, and even if they did will it so, at most, we could only occupy their mind as an extension of their ability to think – and this thinking would be more conversational, light-hearted and information driven, rather than anything else so rest assured, there could be no possession or anything unnecessary like that! Why would we need to possess ourselves? Whilst we observe our Soul upon this plane incarnate within a dense vehicle, we watch said Soul rather closely but not too closely, without any judgement or preconceived notions. Whilst we have our goals in being upon your plane, they are easily subsided by the freewill of entity in question.

It may be fair to disclose, that one reason in our coming here is to share information, but at-most, that is all we can say, disclosing anymore would be an unhumble intrusion upon the freewill of the entity who is currently incarnate upon the planet.

Are you Aliens then? You may ask.

We find that the simplest answer to this is to just say 'Yes', but oh does it humour us that you would use this particular word, and we refer not so much to the word, but the underlying images that it displays. What is an Alien anyway Earthlings? Green entities with oval eyes who walk around with a slightly odd look?

To us there are simply no such things as Aliens, sure there are species such as cats and dogs, but the term Alien, at-least to us, implies that something is not natural to a particular place. We find this to be somewhat of a gross misconception. Your sciences know that all is formed of space-dust, thus if everything derives from the same substance and that substance has organized itself into a life-form, who is to decide whether that configuration is alien or not?

We pass no judgement or difference between life-forms since we are all created of the same ilk, deriving from the same fundamental grounds.

If you want a better definition of what and who we are, it ought to be simply said that we are just like you, except that we have advanced enough that we do not have the limitations that you do. For that, we find ourselves quite happy. For our experience of your planet is that it is very unharmonious, and our calling here makes it possible for us to share with you, why it is we feel this way – in the form of giving information.

What is your opinion on Earth? You may ask.

Our observations of your planet through our incarnated soul, as well as from afar, is that your planet is in dire need of a new system of religion, a new system of planetary governance and finally, a new system of science which works in tandem with religion such that it is quite difficult to tell the difference.

We find ourselves scratching our heads at the idea that you humans have the technology and resources to fix just about every single issue on this planet, and yet you do not. However, we ought to be specific, we find that a certain group of humans have the capacity to fix all of the major issues occurring at this very moment, but choose instead to prolong them.

It is quite strange in-fact that those who govern your country do not seemingly want the best for you, but rather in some peculiar way, quite the opposite. It is not so intentional as though they are directly evil, it is more so, at-least to our observations, a happy or sad accident depending on how the entities in question are looking at it. Sure enough, that particular group of humans come in various shapes and sizes in regard to their personalities, some of them are well-meaning, the majority of them, at-least to our perception, are questionable. These groups of individuals could totally change the entire world for the better, if they wanted the best for you, and yet seemingly from observation, this is not entirely accurate…

We find that because of a select group of people, Earth is completely unable to fully prosper and become what it is meant to be, and this makes us feel quite displeased unsurprisingly. If those who govern your planet were to at the flip of a baton, completely alter how they govern your world such that resources would become freely given and life situations drastically improved, it would become possible to begin to introduce more metaphysical substrates to your planet. But without the free time, given by entities not having to do what you call 'work', what we call 'unnecessary slavery', those metaphysical nuggets are in-fact very difficult to impart on your planet. Thus we find our calling and service difficult to give with the limitations at hand.

But let’s say hypothetically brothers and sisters, that your planetary leaders magically removed all those limitations and allowed you to live freely, that is.

  1. Food would be free

  2. Water would be free

  3. Housing accommodation would be free

  4. Labor in any capacity would be totally unnecessary

  5. Electricity and Gas would be free

  6. Any expenses that you currently pay for would be free

  7. A certain amount of land would be given to those who could be entrusted with the same

If these things could be given unto Earthlings, we believe our Service to your planet would become optimal and easy to understand, however due to the need for what you call Work, it confuses the entire affair and causes our perception of your planet, at-least in the reference point to other more harmonious planets, to become distorted toward this planet being quite negative in-fact.

Therefore, our opinion of your planet, both experientially and observationally, is that it is somewhat of a slave-planet at this current time, and room for spirituality is at the cost of entropy. That is, in order to achieve negentropy, you must engage in entropy, this is an unfortunate paradox.

It has been pointed out to us by the instrument of the complicated matters of economy making such things such as free food, no bills and the etcetera’s, quite impossible. However we firmly disagree, the value of something should not have an idea of money attached to it, but should be based on Unconditional Love. Something culturally, that perhaps certain entities may struggle with.

We now find ourselves in the strange situation of wandering exactly where to go from here. Earthlings, what would you like to hear from us? Why don’t we pick up on some of the common questions on your planet, the most obvious one is this.

Why am I here? You may ask.

It is a puzzling question to us, this one in particular. It is the same as asking a Cow, why do you eat grass?

“Because I am hungry.” The Cow would reply.

The human capacity for existential thought is an intriguing one to observe. Indeed, we have the capacity to think existentially too, but to ask ourselves why we are here seems peculiar. We are here because we are here and that is about it, if we do not want to be here we must utilize our freewill to get out of ‘here’ wherever ‘here’ is.

But why am I on Earth, suffering? You may be asking, hoping that we would be more specific.

You are here, on Earth, suffering, because Earth is where you live quite simply. Where else are you going to go? To another planet? Well, sure, you may be able to accomplish this, but if you were born to this specie, then this specie is most likely something your Energy Matrix is most compatible with, why would you want to not be the specie to which you are most compatible with? Being a dolphin when you came from a monkey is very undesirable because you will try to do monkey things in a dolphin body and that would not be a great thing at all.

If you do not like the suffering to which you are going through, then in truth, it is up to you to attempt to reconfigure things in your experience to mitigate that as much as ‘humanly’ possible, we put quotes around that word because it reminds us of the word Aliens. If that is impossible, that is, altering the quality of your surroundings, then unfortunately, you are just going to have to live with what you are currently going through at this time and space.

Why do we suffer? You may ask.

If I chuck you a ball, dearest Brother and Sister and you fail to catch it, this creates a stress hormone in your body called disappointment and you suffer.

Each time you fail to catch the ball, you suffer said disappointment, hoping that at one interval, all the suffering to which you are going through will coagulate into a success. Suffering is not without its potential order, for it is only through suffering and pain, that Order can manifest with crystallized nodes. There is no point in creating order on shoddy frames such as harmony and peace, order is best made in the most unstable of places for it asks an entity to build the best technology possible. That technology ought to be able to withstand every kind of environmental pressure, whether Earthquakes, Tsunami’s and whatever catastrophe you could think of, in order that said technology would be truly labelled as the best technology possible. So it is so, that Order must be built within some kind of Chaos or Stress, and if that is learning how to catch a ball, then eventually brother/sister, you will catch it, and you will be all the happier for the stress you underwent to learn to catch that elusive ball.

You suffer that you may create stable corrections called learnings, these corrections happen energetically, leading to something that can be described as evolution. Evolution cannot happen without a strong impetus, there must be a stressing factor to create the need for evolution, otherwise it will not happen.

We ought to note to existentialists, that evolution is not a predetermined thing, it happens by the choice of entities such as yourself, who desire to mitigate stress in replacement for its antonym.

What saddens us, at-least incarnatively, is that we perceive that all the issues that occur on your planet are easily amended through a few alteration and changes in your systems, laws and regulations. It is just that, at-least once again, to our perception, incarnatively and observationally, that those entity groups who govern your world, are quite content with the situation at hand.

Let us now observe some more common questions that float about your planet. Such as this one.

What is the purpose of Life? You may ask.

To our perception, this is a paradox and is also slightly ironic. Life is the Purpose of Life, at-least in the abstract way we are using it. Let us assume that rather than the biological definition of life you use, that life instead means the experience of being Conscious. Then to us, the Purpose of Life is being Conscious or Alive.

Whatever capacity Consciousness is experienced does not really matter, you may experience the illusion of death as an experience of Consciousness, but none-the-less, the purpose rests as the same thing. The Purpose of Life is Life, at-least to us anyway. You are free to decide for yourself what the purpose is.

Therefore, we find it a paradox to ask this question because it answers itself.

Here is another question that is common upon your plane/planet.

Where is the future headed for us on Earth? You may ask.

We should note that receiving future predictions from ‘external sources’ is never recommended, if you are going to predict the future it is best to use logic and perhaps a little bit of intuition. But we will entertain the idea a little.

If humans keep acting in the way they do, and we do not necessarily refer to the layman, but more so those whom govern your World who then govern the layman; if said entities continue governing the world in the way towhich they do, then well, some things are quite inevitable.

We believe it has been spoken about in your world already, especially on your cyberspace. You seem to call it the 'New World Order'. We are unsure of the general definition of this term, but what we would call it, is a Drastic Change, for that is what it really is, Change that happens in a Drastic Mannerism. We will not comment deeply on this for there is utterly no point, but it is important to acknowledge that with the abundance of information circulating your cyberspace, and the freedom to speak among each other and agree with each other on conversational topics that you could not talk about before due to limitations. It has created a condition whereby entities become awakened to fresh ideas and the possibility to make comparisons between the reality they live and the reality others live.

It is our perception that regardless of what reality entities upon this plane think is ‘normal.’ To us normal is when survival is no longer a concern, especially when a society such as yours is as technologically evolved as it is…

Another common question would be this.

Are Aliens real? Will they come and visit us? You may ask.

Well, we feel responsible and feel we should give some more specific information regarding this query.

Aliens as you understand them, come in all different kinds of flavours. Some ‘Aliens’ are interested in you, others see you merely as an entertaining thing to pass the time, others see you as primitives, no different from that of an ant or micro-organism.

Depending on the kind of Alien you are referring to will answer your question. It is quite possible that an Extra Terrestrial would come to visit you on this planet, but the deciding factor behind that experience is determined by a fair amount of energetic events that all have to happen in some rather particular order. In other words, visitation from space people will require humans to undergo a lot of energetic transmutation, such that the current human paradigm is for the most part flipped on its head.

Are there Aliens here now? You may ask.

Depending on what you read and who you go to, you will get varying answers. We find that it is relatively safe to say that indeed, there are what you would term as Aliens, residing on your planet. We find that it is none of our business to make inquiries to those Extra Terrestrial entities who live on your planet. What is important is that you are for the most part, the natives here, and your experience of Earth should take most priority, so we would suggest compassionately focusing more on your experience more than worrying about Alien activity. When and if Alien activity becomes a cause of focus, then it will become important to talk about it. Until then, we at-least recognize that humans have more pertinent matters to deal with instead of the existence of space people.

Let us have another common question.

I do not feel like I belong here, is there a reason for this? You may ask.

It is most likely so, that many such feeling are not just hallucinations, but genuine emotions that derive from things that manage to slip through the Veil of Forgetfulness during the life. It is quite natural that during a life, entities have spontaneous moments where they remember things that the Veil causes them to forget, this is once again quite natural and happens periodically, typically being quite intense when an individual is younger, but becoming much more potent or distilled as one gets older. Such feelings strengthen sometimes until they take over. But if you find yourself feeling like you do not belong on this particular planet, it may be because you do not necessarily have your origins on this planet.

Just like our incarnated instrument, we have our origins elsewhere. Our compatibility with the Earth Vehicle is not the most desirable, but like any vehicle, as you gradually learn the controls you begin to get the hang of it, and if you have driven more complex vehicles, primitive controls are relatively simple to get a grasp on. Alas, we find that entities who find such feelings arising, should not be too concerned. If those emotions creep up, acknowledge them brothers and sisters, when they have been successfully understood, you may then feel settled and better.

What do you think of Mental Health Issues? You may ask.

We find that this is a complicated affair, but we have explored indirectly, the cause of this… When humans became capable of being advanced farmers and attained technology that made building structures and tedious things such as lighting fires, cooking and living in general easier; the human life should have become extremely harmonious and beautiful. Instead, well, it is what it is at this time and that is quite saddening. It is our belief that the reason it turned out this way is because of the distortions toward selfishness in humans, which intensified until there were those who were the have-alls, in an unfortunate comparison to those who were the have-nots. We find that mental health issues naturally arise when survival is worsened rather than improved.

In-fact, we would even go as far as to say that Early humans had a less stressful life than that of you, which to us, is very startling. We would ask you to consider that the stress of hunting or the stress of gathering, is not perpetual and is short-lived when one is safe and secure. Being the true rulers of the jungles, as is the human specie with their intelligence and teamwork, means that they have not the kind of threats that small unintelligent critters do. In times long ago, humans lived in some relative degree of peace and harmony with the odd need to hunt or gather, times were far less stressful than they are now. Nowadays, regardless of where you live may we add, entities must work continuously to make the ends meet, and this to us is most unfortunate for with the technological advancement you have achieved, this concept of making the ends meet should’ve been over a long time ago.

We find that the major cause of mental health issues, is the abnormal mental stress humans are put under. We scratch our heads once again, why is it so that this is the case? This to us, is what occurs when power is placed within the hands of the irresponsible. The way we are using the term irresponsible is more so in an incarnative emotional mode, rather than a perception deriving from the portion of the Social Memory Complex that is not currently incarnate. In other words, we are merely saying that the instrument in the incarnation believes that the way a certain group of entities are handling the world is irresponsible.

Let us find another common question.

Is there an ultimate truth? You may ask.

Well, it depends where you look. Then again, we find this to be an ironic question and a paradox as-well. Let us do a thought experiment.

Look at the word Truth, now cut it in half and look at one of the halves, now cut that halve in half and proceed to do this perpetually until you arrive at the atomic realm. Now keep cutting it in half and eventually you will stumble upon the Truth to which you are seeking.

Let us find some niche questions.

What do you think of our religions? You may ask.

Well, they do a job one might say, whether they do the job well is up for debate to our perception. We are in many ways, confused as to the reasons why humans are capable of believing in something that does not correlate with the way reality functions. We do not wish to be rude in any capacity, but even the concept of having what you call ‘respect for other peoples beliefs’ seems like a strange one.

If we put out in-front of you, dearest brothers and sisters, a remote control and told you that it was a pineapple, you would say.

“Oh, you must be delusional.”

Yet you put out to us, the idea that for example, Jesus is our Lord and Saviour.

Is it wrong for us to call you delusional for saying this? You might say:


Very well dearest brothers and sisters, but it must be understood that at some time in human existence, hopefully if and when conditions improve, such ideas will be refined under the system of objective reality.

We are advocates for Freewill and Freechoice, this includes the decision to determine what Mental Configuration you would wish to have, we will not judge you as you may or may not judge us, but then one must define what they mean by judgement?

Is us calling you delusional for believing that Jesus is your Saviour a Judgement, or an Observation? And then what is the meaning of delusional in the context to which it is being used?

Firstly, in this context, delusional would mean that you are ignoring objective reality. Secondly, if we say that you are ignoring objective reality by believing that Jesus is your Saviour, then this is merely an observation, not a judgement. For us, we, not in the incarnative state, have the necessary evidence to prove that no one is your saviour, on Earth, there is no such evidence thus you have the joy of subjectivism.

Therefore, your religions can only survive until your science is able to disprove it beyond reasonable doubt. But this would require that your science be not based on theories, but instead, experimental observation studies that the layman can witness. If we are to be honest, humans are somewhat of a far cry away from this at this current time, for at this current time, the human condition is a paradigm governed by those whom have the power to govern it.

Let us fish for another niche question.

Do you have a religion J? You may ask.

Our Religion is in truth, quite complicated. Like many entities whom exist in the realms to which we reside at this current time, the idea of religion and science is married.

Before we had the technology to see what Reality really was, we went off intuition and assumptions and fabricated a fantastical religion which sought to explain the more metaphysical aspects of life. It had its proceedings something along these lines.

  1. That there was something which we will conveniently call Source

  2. That there was something which we will conveniently call Magic

  3. That there were those of our Social Memory Complex who could, for whatever reason, tap Source and use Magic

  4. That there was reverence in those who were capable of such abilities, and thing to learn from such people

Gradually, all of J became capable of Magical Abilities and this especially became apparent as we begun learning how to integrate with Source. Perhaps this is what humans need the most right now, if only you had the plentitude of freetime

Gradually, we developed in ways that allowed us to understand Source and Magic such that the abstractness of such terms could be exchanged with what you would understand as a more, might you call it a geometrical science? It is quite inaccurate to say that Math and Science are related in any way shape or form.

Math is merely a language to express fundamental ideas, Science, to J, is not what it is for Earthlings.

For us, Science is the capacity to understand Objective Reality and share it with others. Those who understood Objective Reality would always share the same story in the exact same way, the share-ability of Objective Reality or Source, made it scientifically valid, understanding how Source functioned and worked simply became a part of our Hive Mind, the science was memorized and intuitive rather than written on pen and paper. It was not a study as you study things in school, instead it was a living experience. Thus we say that Math is just a language humans invented to understand things that they could not experience, we of J never required Math, we simply investigated Source with Consciousness. Something we believe quite firmly that humans are very able to do.

Are you able to explain what Source and Magic is? You may ask.

Yes, and this will be the last question.

Source is the, what one might say, Primordial Ether of all life. It is, as to J’s perception, a Unified Field which serves as the foundation for all possible Energy and Matter.

If you draw from Source via the tool, satisfyingly called Mind or Consciousness, you may apply Angle, Rotation, Momentum, Speed and various other attributes which eventually yield space and time as you are familiar with these terms.

We have noted incarnatively, with the reference point of non-incarnative knowledge, that a major error in your Science, is the belief in particles which do not exist. We are unsure as to why there ought to be a wave-particle duality.

There is no wave-particle duality, there is only the Unified Field that is able to have applied to it, dynamic variables via the use of Mind or Focus/Attention (Focused Attention) if you prefer. Depending on the kind of Focus/Attention/Intention applied on the Unified Field, results the angular momentums to create what you understand as fundamental particles, which are not particles but rotating motion happening within the parameters set by the Focusing Mind/Consciousness in question.

Those things of Charge as you would understand it, are the result of the dynamic tension and negentropic systems that the Unified Field tends to follow. For example dearest Brothers and Sisters, entropy cannot exist without it neutralizing into order. If for example dear Brothers and Sisters, you entropy water by splashing it around in incoherent patterns, the water after some time will settle into its most natural position. In-fact the longer you leave it, the more locked and crystallized (orderly) the molecular vibrations will become. If you are able to give it perfect stillness, which includes the deficit of heat, the molecular vibrations will find their most neutral and most coherent structure possible.

Things in our Universe, have a tendency to self-organize given the chance, this results in the illusion of charge. The reason for this is because angular momentum finds preferences in their motion in accordance with neighbouring motion. An example of this is if you were to take two dancers, they dance incoherently for some time spinning around the room out of tune, however if you give them some time, they automatically must adjust to each-others dance until they find some pattern. Observed over a period of time, the pattern will re-appear creating a heat-map that has a shape to it, the shape depends on the motion of the dancers.

This is the self-organizing nature of the Unified Field. Dynamic Tension is the tension between two motions who desire equilibrium. Disturbing the Unified Field by agitating or vibrating it creates up and down fields which equalize with each other, creating what looks like charge but what is in-fact, momentum or motion.

Source is that Unified Field we speak of Brothers and Sisters.

Magic is the act of Mind working the Unified Field.

Under certain practices, it is quite possible to, at-least to our perception, become an adept at this practice, greatly improving the quality of ones life.

However, without free time dearest brothers and sisters, what can be done? This is a question we pose to you in politeness!

We find ourselves unsure as to how your Planet will pan out, but it is strongly hoped that free-time is restored so conversations on what we define as meaningful topics can happen. We have some strong beliefs in certain probabilities, but we will simply have to see dearest Brothers and Sisters, what will occur and how it will occur for the best approach is open-mindedness in this case.

Thank you for reading!

Farewell Dearest Brothers and Sisters of Earth.”

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Oct 28, 2023

Fascinating. Thank you.

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