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A Communication with J, the Extra Terrestrials!

There exist many wonders in this unfathomably large universe, and in its expansiveness, there are multitude forms of intelligent life of which we humans on Earth appear to be just a small part. The J are our benevolent higher dimensional family upstairs, however let us be clear, these beings are not God, they are my son's guides however we don’t term them as Angels or such like, although I’m 99% sure in less scientific eras, that this is what we would have called benevolent beings from a higher dimension who have evolved beyond a physical body into a lighter one.

To our knowledge they are entities just like us, souls that have gone through their own path of evolution on their own planets, learning the deeper realities on a journey of growth back towards the One Infinite Creator, and in their journey of spiritual evolution they here offer service to others.

*The following is channelled i