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Politics of the Heavens

We do not consider this system Dearest One, to be of any true use to Souls, and we of J consider that it could be improved some many times in the manner of its operation.

'As above so below' the saying goes... there is also another saying popularised by the Bible that we were 'made in the image', and I'm hoping by now that you have come to accept the logic in the concept that we are not alone. In fact we are sooooo far from being alone that the concept of our conscious uniqueness when considered that we have a mere 7.8 billion souls, living on a little volatile rock in the corner of a Galaxy called the Milky Way that contains 100+ billion planets and counting, which itself exists in a universe containing 100s of billions... repeat: 100s of billions of Galaxies - which are big things, well, the question isn't are we alone? The question is who dumbed us down enough to make us think that was even possible?

I'm hoping with this considered it is also not too far of a stretch to acknowledge that there are politics involved between those various lifeforms that exist out there. When it comes to the management of any system, solar systems included, there will generally always be challenges, agendas and disagreements, and here we were given some fascinating insights into the job of managing this particular garden.

*The following is channelled information...

Indeed, we do find that we have some many disagreements with how this planet in particular is being managed. There are many things we desire to do, or wish we could do - but simply cannot.

We may explain such politics to those Native to Earth, but we feel this is similar to involving a family friend in a family matter, as your people may understand this analogy. We mean this analogy not in any way of superiority or inferiority. We simply mean to imply that our political activities are something we feel we ought to keep private.

We would enjoy an Entity native to Earth, to consider whether they feel the system they are in is something they are enjoying, something they feel they are growing from, and something they envision they would like to repeat or enjoy again. In such a sense, depending on your answer, you may then understand what we of J wish to 'resolve' with other E.T's. This is to give you a vague idea, although you might have to use manners of deduction to read in-between the lines.

To give you a further and more obvious clue, why not consider that we of J find it slightly questionable, the current human condition. The systems that look over this planet to the perception of 'We', are an invention of a Government who saw it wise to engage in this physical planet in this manner. Yet do consider Dearest One, the relative size of this Universe, consider your position in it, and consider that what is happening upon your planet is but a tiny facet, smaller than an atom, in comparison to what is happening in the greater systems about you.

We sit far, far away from the system to which you reside, but communicate with entities such as yourself perhaps that you may be able to overcome this system for entities such as yourselves have the aptitude for it. We consider that evolution therefore, is necessary to a certain degree that you may be able to attain the freedom of the mind to move beyond what has been created here.

We do not consider this system Dearest One, to be of any true use to Souls, and we of J consider that it could be improved some many times in the manner of its operation. May we clarify that we do not feel we are making a mega-statement in the saying of this, instead, that we are merely stating that the invention that has been made in this tiny portion of your galaxy is somewhat 'flawed' and can be subject to improvement, at-least to our ignorant perception.

Dearest One, your position in this affair is nothing so immense, intense or gigantic. It is humble and small, cute if you will. One may overthink this or that feeling that the whole world can rest on frail shoulders, but it remains that when an entity consider the relativity of everything about them, all the experiences you have today are but a minute fragment of time in comparison to endlessness of our Universe.

We of J do not specifically perceive that any entities are harvesting or farming, as one might term it, soul energy or any kind of energy such as this. These 'Great Beings,' also have their name as Gardeners.

(The Gardeners are a great team of various races who specialise in raising biological life-forms and incarnating consciousnesses into such vehicles for metaphysical growth. They are Gods in their own right respectfully).

Indeed, the Gardener Council engage in terraforming and seeding planets quite often, and are in-fact encouraged by their higher-ups, to do such things. The Earth eco-system is hardly natural from the perception of we of J. Perhaps, might we say daringly, the most natural form of existence upon your plane is moss, grasses, vegetables and foliage. The more advanced life-forms are those you know as Trees and certain specie of flowers. As for animals to which possess red blood, well, we of J speculate ye have been planted here!

Say, we of J commenting on this, that if Earth left untapped by ETs, probably Trees would be of a state of evolution - seeking 4th Density, attaining great gifts, a magical planet, enchanted forests and the like.

It is never a desire of ours to generate the sensation of chills. We understand that our version of honesty can be a little difficult to process, yet it is to us, that we are being honest and transparent, and we feel this takes precedence over whether the information is emotionally difficult to handle. It is for the discernment of those who read our information to determine whether what we are saying has any level of resonance or not.

The Gardeners have such a name since they specialise in working with and managing biological entities, and their 'growth of Consciousness.' These Gardeners work for what we understand as The Empire, which takes its stance more toward the Centre of the Milky Way. Consider for a moment Dearest One, that there are beings who exist in this Universe, who are so great and mighty, that they will give you chills that you will feel not only at the bones, but the DNA. We mean this not to be fanciful or artistic, we are in-fact being quite honest, there are beings that we of J would hesitate to trouble. They are Wise beyond Eons and Powerful beyond Stars.

In such a sense, the Gardeners then find their work to be greatly related to the Greater Beings who reside closer to your Central Star. There is an entire system of governance that an Earth Entity need not really know about considering their position in the entire affair. Extra-Terrestrials have their problems and their issues just as much as humans do, it is simply that human problems are so, so far away from Extra-Terrestrial problems, that if presented with an Extra-Terrestrial problem, a human would not really be able to comprehend it at all.

This is not to be demeaning nor to minimise human potential, for the homosapien has the capacity and ability to attain to the same levels of Consciousness as have the Great Beings. In such a sense, you might find it important to consider that those who Garden your planet and manage you as a result, being quite evolved and slightly beyond understanding unless one undergoes the necessary training, have no interest in feeding or sapping you of any kind of emotional energy. Instead, they are but Gods in their own right who have been assigned a very involved job.

We of J are somewhat, how might we say, displeased, with the nature of the Job they are performing and how it is currently being executed. We believe those Gardeners who manage your planet and create this system are not doing the most efficient/beautiful job. Alas, such is the nature of our Universe, so infinite, so random, so free, anything can happen and anything can parse, for there truly are no restrictions to what a free willed being can do. We ask the instrument to bold these letters on purpose for effect.

There is but One Force in this Universe Dearest One. The Force has no polarity. It is so many things, and can be described in so many ways, but it appears mostly as Creativity/Imagination/Mind.

That which underlies the Force is a omnipresent Ether/Source/Sleeping Sentience. When the Ether comes alive with Creativity, it is then a Consciousness, a Mind. And this Mind can design any illusion it wishes. Earth Entities must understand that this does include a schooling system with a reincarnative cycle. The reincarnative cycle is but an illusion of a mind who thought that such a system would be, in some way, necessary.

Our Universe Dearest One, is Infinite. May we lend a thought-provoking poem to end the communication:

A cold winters morning, The space-ship sings chills, We turn the heating on, We look forward to good thrills.

Time to fly, time to go, The Universe is a Show, Infinite in all its volume, One might wonder what the next journey holds.

Leaving our system we draw near, To a planet to which we find dear, Those native struggle with woes, We desire to heal their sorrows.

An agenda plagues the planet, Could we of J make it clear, That the lesson system you are under, May be predicated on something insincere?

The end of our communication draws near, And so it is true, That we must end this commentary, Alas, we are Through.


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