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Politics of the Heavens

We do not consider this system Dearest One, to be of any true use to Souls, and we of J consider that it could be improved some many times in the manner of its operation.

'As above so below' the saying goes... there is also another saying popularised by the Bible that we were 'made in the image', and I'm hoping by now that you have come to accept the logic in the concept that we are not alone. In fact we are sooooo far from being alone that the concept of our conscious uniqueness when considered that we have a mere 7.8 billion souls, living on a little volatile rock in the corner of a Galaxy called the Milky Way that contains 100+ billion planets and counting, which itself exists in a universe containing 100s of billions... repeat: 100s of billions of Galaxies - which are big things, well, the question isn't are we alone? The question is who dumbed us down enough to make us think that was even possible?

I'm hoping with this considered it is also not too far of a stretch to acknowledge that there are politics involved between those various lifeforms that exist out there. When it comes to the management of any system, solar systems included, there will generally always be challenges, agendas and disagreements, and here we were given some fascinating insights into the job of managing this parti