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A Beginners Guide to Death! - Part 1

‘The breath cannot end, it must continue for all life beats as the heartbeat continues, the heartbeat of God you see.’

This series of blogs on death, is the result of a number of Source Reading sessions done with my Uncle Jim before he passed over last year. He was always my favourite, and his adventurous and extremely well travelled spirit is truly missed by us all.

As his health was waning and many of his peers had already passed, my uncle desired to know more about the process of passing over, to remove the natural fears of death by gaining a better understanding on what really occurs when we take our final physical breath. The temporary nature of this life felt unfair to him at the time, as it was beginning to draw to a close in a way that felt premature to him, so it felt a rare privilege to be in a position where we could tap in and provide these vital insight for him, to calm his worries and settle his spirit ready for even greater adventures in those much more harmonious ethers of the higher realms.

Death is one of the rare guaranteed events we will all experience at some point in our life, whether our own or those we love. Such an unescapable event is sad for numerous reasons, however our paradoxical relationship to death means it is truly a taboo subject that elicits fear and resent in most cultures.

We are taught to mourn our lost, rather then celebrate their life. We have young sciences that do not yet fully acknowledge our eternal consciousness, so yearn to eat from the fruit of the tree of immortality, to stay for ever on this blue and green ball of taxes. We have a so called advanced civilisation, but still hold a very primitive fear of what lies beyond the veil. Ancient cultures such as the Tibetans had various rites of passage to the other side, death was merely a stage, a platform to other realms and greater, less illusionary experiences of life, and instructions to successfully navigate the higher vibrational planes were given since death was just another aspect of our continuous journey of consciousness evolution.

Please leave anything that doesn't resonate with you at this time, this information is not provided to shock I am just reporting it as it has been given.

*The following is channelled information...

The reason one would come down into the planet, is to have an experience of Earth, to have those interactions, to experience the many things that one may not necessarily be able to experience in the upper realms.

You have incarnated into Earth to learn, to experience greater amounts of love, that when you arrive back in your dimension to which you originated from, for you did pass into the veil of forgetfulness, then you will have a greater understanding of the experience of love, that you would be rebalanced and then thus able to be of greater service to ones Higher-Self, as it is seen.

Once the contract is complete, the bread will return to the soil and the soul will return home. All things earthly, carbon and chemical in nature will return whence it came, and all things soul-like will return to the kingdom of Heaven from which it originated.

Whether cremated, buried or not; bread, body, anything physical returns to nature whilst the soul rightfully goes back from once it came.

In nature there are many dimensions and densities of love. Upon the death of the vehicle, the physical vehicle, one will enter into a different vehicle, a higher dimensional vehicle. You may call this the 4th dimensional vehicle if you wish, let it simply be known that the force of life at the subatomic level will begin to leave the being at the atomic level.

As this begins, dependent on beliefs, many facets of the being will begin to wake up into what is termed as a light dream, for leaving the body and then simply being open to everything would be quite a shock. The Higher-Self would seek to put the new arrival to sleep in a light dream so that the Higher-Self can communicate with the being within a framework that they can be familiar with, until the being is ready to wake up from their, might we call it ‘Astral slumber’, to the point at which the being has recognised the illusion of their false beliefs of the afterlife.

One’s psychology is what is understood as one’s belief system, which governs their emotional regulation, so for a soul to be exposed to truth as God had designed it, against their false belief system would be a shock.

What has been designed, is upon the death of the soul, the soul is put into a trance to which they can gradually come to terms with the afterlife in a steady process by which their belief system is slowly realigned with truth.

This is a designed protocol to how the Earth system is to be experienced for it was understood that trauma, as the term goes, has a dramatic effect on the souls perception of life be it true or false, therefore as a protective mechanism to stop souls from becoming further traumatised by the fact that heaven is as below so above, so was this light trance state included in the protocol of disincarnate entities.

This experience is governed by the, as you would term it, the Higher-Self, through the subconscious mind to ensure that their Lower-Self is not traumatised by truth. Depending on how distorted ones understanding of the upper heavens is, will determine the severity of the dream state and if ones understanding of the afterlife is accurate then that experience of being in the dream-like state will be a very short-lived experience as they transition to the other side.

The being then will become awake within this higher dimensional body and will be able to explore with free-will, the many things that are yet to be known. The being may adventure within the lower dimensions of Earth, may see the occurrences that occur after the death of the being, may see family members weeping and sowing as humans do, and this being may even seek to take refuge within the 3rd dimension but will eventually find their energies lacking, resulting in what could be classed as hunger pangs. These hunger pangs grow more severe for there is a lack of that light, those higher dimensional photons, the higher dimensional electromagnetism.

The being eventually becomes quite weak, in-able if they have prolonged their stay upon the planet, upon Earth, and would seek then eventually to open their eyes to greater light, to the golden light that they recognize on some level is needed. Once this has been fully recognised the being would seek those as you would call them, helpers, guides, genuine souls, souls that are also upon their incarnative path, who are able to take the being, the soul as it is termed, to a junction. These souls, these beings who can be of service, they would take this being to be healed, for the being can only be healed when the free-will would seek the same, and so the soul continues in their evolution, in their cycle of conscious experience of the various dimensions in this school you see.

In death we transition from one manifestation to the other, and we are talking of the death of the physical body of course, where one goes from one frequency to another frequency, that would allow them to reside on a different plane, but even then, one may still feel negative emotions or positive ones, or the many different emotions that come with recovering from a human experience.

The frequency of the emotion will determine what plane one enters into on the leaving of the planet and those that experience emotions so beyond negativity, will find themselves in the higher planes, for these planes resonate at the same frequency of which they vibrate at, at the frequency of their Astral body. It is entirely relevant and dependant on the individual and their incarnative experience, but it is good if one were to see it in the sense of frequency and vibration.

Negative emotions have a slow rather distasteful vibration and positive emotions have a more orderly, vibrant and more beautiful vibration. If one walks through life worrying and being angry, being annoyed at everything, being a victim and blaming this, that and the other, upon the leaving of the body at the stage of death, if they were exposed to the frequencies of the higher Astral it would be incredible dense and incredibly uncomfortable, they would simply have to leave for it would even be too bright for them.

We continue in part 2.

If you would like more personalised information from a higher perspective on deeper subjects such as the Afterlife, Reincarnation, Past Lives or other such topics, consider a Source Reading. Find out more here.

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