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An Adepts Guide to Death! Warning may cause an existential crisis!

It is the strange per-usual, that upon death and release, an entity is most likely to follow the wisest being who seems to know many times more than the neophyte self, but should you?

Ok, this one is potentially going to trip some of you out. We were led to question the reincarnation process, and, well... as you will read for yourselves if your brave enough... a whole can of manipulative worms was opened!

*The following is channelled information...

Indeed, this topic of death and reincarnation is quite substantial, for there is a manyness of things happening beyond this density, 1st density. In-fact, there are a great many things happening within 1st density that your science workers are yet to discover.

In any case, following the termination of the physical vehicle, entities find that their Consciousness is no longer 'stuck' to it. There is a process you see, where the physical body, composed of 1st and 2nd density primarily, cease in function to a great amount. What remains is the mental body, which begins to fill with a rather incredible amount of vitality as the entirety of Consciousness focuses on it/shifts to it, such the same happens during meditation. When the mental body is vitalised, it is ready to go about its business.

The usual business of a mental body is the recognition of freedom and thus, that ability to 'cruise' or fly about. But it can vary to great degrees, what a mental body will do, for some mental bodies find nothingness at death, others find entities such as Jesus floating toward them with all embracing arms, others find great smites of electricity piercing their heart - in some cases, there have been those having their heart plucked out, to be measured against a feather.

Finally, there are those who simply grieve very deeply about the fact that they have just passed from what they called their home. The Mental Body, is a high vibratory vehicle, it vibrates at extreme speeds and is composed of a kind of Ether that Earthlings have on many occasion called, the Astral.

It may be a surprise to hear that the Mental Body rests in the Astral for it is usual that the Astral is referred to in context to 4th density. But it is quite true that the Astral finds its beginning in the early stages of 3rd density, whereby an entity begins to play with energy at a more remarkable speed. Due to the nature of this body, being somewhat of an illusion or reality maker, it is possible for an entity to become stuck in a reality made up of their own impressions or abstractions, causing what we have suggested above.

There was indeed not the entity Jesus floating toward an entity in all embracing arms, instead there was this mental image that was deeply expected by the entity, as it worshipped and worshipped this being, who to be frank, is far too busy to float toward the great amount of entities who pass from Earth on a regular basis.

It becomes quite important during the termination of the 1st and 2nd density vehicle, to correct the atypical activity of the mental body, which can become so caught up in its own creations that it is blind to Creation itself. An odd paradox indeed.

Sometimes, what might/must happen, is that there come toward entities, might we say, Great Beings, who assist the entity in overcoming the pocket reality or lucid dream that they have been creating for x-amount of years on Earth, to only experience it for x-amount of years in the lower astral.

When the Mental Body has begun vibrating in such a way, that it does not lock itself in its own cupboard, then it can begin to see the reality about it, and reality will assuredly look quite the same and quite different. It will at-least look the same should the entity be in the similar/same location to where they 'died,' but it would at-least look different as their senses begin to turn on, and these senses not being composed of Red and Orange Ray are quite a lot more powerful, perhaps unusually powerful. Perhaps then there is an adjustment to this new body, by the time an entity is on his/her own two feet again, this process, passing over, can begin.

We should note that Consciousness and Bodies are quite different from one another. A body serves as a means for Consciousness to experience itself as Sentience. Without a body, Consciousness would simply be a pure infinitely formidable force.

There are some nuances that must be discussed.

  1. It should be considered quite deeply, that humans are in many cases coerced into entering into a different realm for their recent life to be assessed.

  2. It should equally be considered, that when great beings, as we call them, do manage to release an Earthlings from its mental dream, that the Earthling ought to recognise that they are trusting these beings with their life and livelihood.

  3. Finally, that following the death of the first 2 bodies, and the full activation of the 3rd (mental), an entity in the strictest of sense has acquired a genuine freedom within certain limits. Let us be frank and then say that the entity has the ability to decide what it will do with itself. It is not so simple that an entity will go to the great beyond by travelling through the Light, as it has been depicted in movies and stereotypes. An entity can do just about anything with itself, and the great beyond, just as well as the lower astral, is merely a level of existence that any being can access with training.

There are then, processes that exist, such as life reviews and such things conducted by what we are calling great beings. But such processes needn't be undergone if an entity desires to choose a different way of going about life.

It is the strange per-usual, that upon death and release, an entity is most likely to follow the wisest being who seems to know many times more than the neophyte self, but should you Dearest One, trust someone instantly simply because they appear to be somebody you 'think' you know?

We wonder to ourselves as J, whether an entity on Earth has considered the fact that the plane of existence they experience, is but composed of 1 plane of matter, and that there are an infinite amount of existences and an infinite amount of Consciousness. With such a perspective, have you really considered just how little self can know, and just how many beings exist in this infinite universe?

The parent of an entity today, may some many 100's of years later, be the child of a being who lives in a completely different planet far, far away from Earth. What Earth beings know as relationships are usually confined to the strict boundaries of family, yet about an Earthling, will walk thousands and billions of potential mates and platonic relationships left unexplored.

For an entity to entrust their entire life to a being who poses to be knowing and desires to 'guide' you to another plane, would be akin to a child trusting a stranger without totally understanding the strangers intentions.

We do not wish to be crude, this is not to generate any kind of disharmony, it is merely to demonstrate the greatness of the Universe that we live in and how absurdly infinite it is. An entity therefore, should carry itself with a level of dignity and independence and should decide for itself, whether it trusts someone or whether it would wish to become familiar with new surroundings.

Let us then assume that an entity has been told by other entities that it should follow them into the great beyond, a higher astral plane. The entity follows said 'great beings,' to another plane of existence to have this life review commence. Indeed, said entity may meet entities it has been around for some great amount of time, this can be quite relieving. There may equally be much catching up and discussion about how utterly different life is in a mental body rather than in a physical body. When the entity is so inclined, it will follow the great being(s)', as you would refer to them, spirit guides and angels, to the next destination where it is 'adjusted,' or 'healed' of its past traumas and past experiences. Here the mental body undergoes a very incredible technologically induced metamorphosis, where its vibratory configuration is changed such that the entity becomes ready for a life review.

The life review commences where the entity, before 'great beings', discusses and understands what exactly ought to be worked on, and what the next best progression will be for its 'metaphysical evolution.' When all is worked out, for this can take some considerable amount of time, the entity then is put in a kind of 'waiting room' whilst its next-life is prepared by what we of 'J' believe to be a rather incredible 1st density matter/energy manipulating technology, which is able to configure 1st density into desired states to induce synchronicities and such things. This technology then is a reality-bending kind, which, like a computer, manages the desires of incarnating consciousnesses.

It then becomes a waiting game whilst the Earth Parents give birth to the child. Under this process, the mental body of the incarnating soul is placed in another technological structure, which prepares to cause amnesia by reconfiguring the mental body yet again. The soul, now quite blank, is then quite literally connected to the 1st and 2nd density portions of Matter for the incarnation to be underwent. The Mental Body, depleted now of all the vitality, memories and abilities it held, undergoes a new incarnation. This process repeats itself until the right level of 'metaphysical evolution' is achieved.

We of J suppose that it is indeed possible that an entity be able to make a Conscious decision to avoid this process known as reincarnation regardless of the actions or the position the entity is in following death, however, put in certain circumstances, the chances that an entity will find themselves automatically ported into the reincarnative-system within the 'Light' is quite high.

Such circumstances are especially true for those of suicide, for we of J have observed that suicide typically causes entities to be near-instantaneously recycled back into the planet. In other events, we have become aware of many instances where entities, via their level of consciousness, have been able to overcome the illusion after having died, and thus have managed to depart this reincarnative system.

We of J perceive that the Gardeners do not intend to have indefinite or perpetually incarnating entities, and it is rather that entities in their unwillingness to evolve, fail to attain the velocity needed to exit this system through manual Thought/Imaginative Will. It requires a certain finesse, a certain amount of energy, electrical potential, to reach beyond this incarnative system. Entities of the average nature upon this plane fail to achieve that electrical potential in an incarnation and are in some cases, yet not all, bound back. The exceptions are if an entity is really quite adept at navigating the Astral upon Death (The practices of Lucid dreaming and Astral Projection are recommended), it may have a far easier time figuring its way through this dimension/illusion, if we could call it a dimension for it is more akin to a realm.

We of J consider the Gardeners to be workers, akin to the layman who does a tireless job under the influence of his Managers. The Job be done and it will be done, if the Job to which they are assigned does not apply to a certain entity because he is far to above-par, said entity is skipped in search of those less capable and more incompetent at these matters of physics and illusion. Alas, we still agree not with their practices.

The preparation the Tibetans made were such that they indeed, would not become a part of the basic systems of reincarnation that most entities enter into. You might consider in the most basic of sense, that Death can be so utterly disorientating, that choices are made only on accident, as though one has fell into a Well through a miss-slip, or as though one had stepped on a rock and had the ankle follow a twisted path, and so the fall is inevitable, and if a friend who has too many a funny-bone be near, at your pain said entity will laugh. Indeed, aside from said jokes, it is so that entities of the Tibetan nature wished not to fall into a Well on accident, wished not to sprain an ankle by a miss-slip, wished to not accidently enter a plane of existence that was not of the correct level of vibration.

For such a reason, they studied and practiced Astral Travel, became proficient at death such that at departure, they could gather that where-withal and proceed to the Land of the Golden Light, an Astral Plane of Freedom, Love, Wisdom, Knowledge and 'Karmic Liberation. Only so few have managed, following death, to reach such a plane for it is per the common usual that most entities cannot attain the velocity to reach this level of non-physicality.

The essence Dearest One, is to realise that most entities upon your plane feel it utterly so natural to undergo the reincarnative process upon the passing, it feels 'right,' as though there is a natural calling to try again, to get it right, to undo the 'mistakes' that were made in the past, to live better, to be better, to become better. Entities of your plane willingly follow the 'Great-Beings' (for they are great in their own regard) into the reincarnative-system.

It may be in a 'Great Beings' interest, as we call them, to coerce an entity back into the Light for another incarnation if the entity is being wholefully uncooperative, would you Dearest One, rather listen to a stranger, or your Dearest and most Precious friend?

Perhaps it is immoral to do such things, yet, the prerogative of your Gardeners is the business of their systems, in other words, they will do what they deem to be Right, as we have defined 'Right' in our previous communications, we refuse to place judgement on their activities, but will hint our biases.

We do not so fully approve of the reincarnative-system they have created. If the entity did not desire incarnation, and was rused by the illusions of a Gardener posing as a family member, the entity may feel deeply disheartened when they realise that another trip to Earth has become quite inevitable.

But it yet be said that in some many other cases, entities family members have stuck extremely close, perhaps overwhelmingly close, to an incarnate Earth Being, such that upon Death of the Earth Being, the entity is instantaneously visited by Real family members who have usually built a dimension or home in these planes that is unlike the Reincarnative System that most entities of your plane enter. We refer here to some of the indigenous cultures of your plane who created Astral Planes of their own, and managed the Reincarnations and Exit Plans of their culture manually, such that they could ascend the illusion as a collective without the interference of Gardeners. A secret work of a kind if you will.

The skill then Dearest One, is to recognise that the reality about you, and the relationships you form are but illusions, for in truth, are you not only forming a relationship with various individualized portions of yourself?

Oh how funny is it for the Dearest Ones to think that we are intimate with ourselves, talking to ourselves, birthing ourselves, even consuming ourselves in various forms! Perhaps we are cannibals in disguise, we digress in comedy to lighten the mood, forgive our crudeness.

In a great many cases it is a mix of Guilt, Regret, Compassion and Need. Some great many entities of this plane are confusingly, at-least to us, addicted to your planet, such to the degree of bafflement to our minds. As we attempt to lighten the mood again, if we of J were to disincarnate from your plane, we would high-tail it off at relativistic speeds never to be seen again yet only from afar! Have you considered your emotions Dearest Ones?

The connections you build here on this planet?

The Love you may have for your Children, your Parents, your Romantic Lover?

What about your passions and hobbies?

What about the desire to improve the planet with a skill only you have?

Is there not purpose in this seeming madness?

Is it not worth a ponder?

Well, perhaps to we of J, it makes some semblance of sense why an entity would agree to come here, to this planet that is.

Earth is a deeply magnetic plane of existence, and it can simply be the pull of the planet, matched with the ignorance of the soul, that causes a reincarnation. The Amnesia System to the perception of We is perhaps the problem almighty, for we consider that if entities did not undergo Amnesia, Earth would have little to no magnetic pull. Love, Regret, Guilt, Compassion, Need and Desire, Addiction and Purpose - such reasons are compelling enough, that a soul of just about any nature will reincarnate, even if they become aware that they have the ability to not incarnate back into this plane.

We have overspoken, indeed Dearest One, if an entity can see the illusion, via the application of ones Imaginative Will, it is directly possible to depart from this system if ye have the courage.

If you would like more personalised information from a higher perspective on deeper subjects such as the Afterlife, Reincarnation, Past Lives or the Lower Astral, consider a Source Reading. Find out more here.


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