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A Beginners Guide to Death! - Part 2

Treat all as you would seek to be treated yourself, all people become your brothers and sisters, this is the necessity to pass this particular school, the school of the 3rd dimension.

*The following is channelled information...

After death you would find that the lower three Chakras are for the most part deactivated, thus the entity becomes one no longer concerned so much with the need for wealth, the need for power, survival, security and these things as you would understand. This creates a rather peaceful entity and can startle entities sometimes when they meet their past parents who were tyrants in the physical life, but then become peaceful saints in the next, yet they are only peaceful because they do not have to concern themselves with money and these things as you would understand.

The basic rate of thought, or rather the basic quality of thought that the entities experience remains the same, therefore even though the entities in the heavens are quite pe