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A Beginners Guide to Death! - Part 2

Treat all as you would seek to be treated yourself, all people become your brothers and sisters, this is the necessity to pass this particular school, the school of the 3rd dimension.

*The following is channelled information...

After death you would find that the lower three Chakras are for the most part deactivated, thus the entity becomes one no longer concerned so much with the need for wealth, the need for power, survival, security and these things as you would understand. This creates a rather peaceful entity and can startle entities sometimes when they meet their past parents who were tyrants in the physical life, but then become peaceful saints in the next, yet they are only peaceful because they do not have to concern themselves with money and these things as you would understand.

The basic rate of thought, or rather the basic quality of thought that the entities experience remains the same, therefore even though the entities in the heavens are quite peaceful they will still argue with you and have the same kinds of disagreements that you would have on Earth, and have the same issues of thought. Not much changes as you would understand, for change can only be generated if an entity desires inward exploration and growth.

When a soul leaves this Earth plane and it is seeking to stretch into the upper dimensions, as the soul climbs up the ladder the light becomes more intense, so intense that it becomes hard to bear, the soul will continue to climb the ladder, the steps, until the light itself is at the level of intensity that the soul cannot move any more. If this light intensity is too intense at the lower dimensions then the soul will have to come back to this planet for another 3-dimensional cycle of experience of life, however if the soul in the Earth life has undergone refinement, has undergone lesson learning well, has learnt of the universal love of the all loving God and has learnt to encompass this as one’s own, inside of one’s soul, then this would allow the soul to quite easily jump two steps at a time up the ladder, up-up the stairs, into the all loving universal love of Gods light, allowing for the continuation of what you would call the incarnative experience in much more harmonious dimensions.

Consider if you will at this point in time souls have come to truly test themselves, you may find that your life is quite remarkable in two sense or another, in terms of the experiences you are having and the intensity of the experiences, but consider if you will that the reason to which you are having these experiences may more so have to do with your desire to get into the truer upper realms of the heavens, and this desire has become so manifest that you truly decided to have a life by which you would encompass this experience of truer learning, of deep learning, of learning the true ways of unconditional love.

Then look at the coincidences, seek to see the moments in time, seek to see those things that are happening, seek to see the experiences you are having even now, and consider what it is that you are learning here, that is being taught to you by what you would call synchronicity. Keep everything within the mind and have the understanding, God is lovable. You are able to love God, and God is unity, it is the all-ness of life and so if God is loved then truly the self is loved, and self-love can become so strong that universal love becomes the natural emanation of the being and when this happens, all beings, all entities become forgiven regardless of what you would call their atrocities, their so called ‘mistakes’, their so called ‘confusing actions’, all becomes forgiven for the higher purposes of experiencing the all loving presence of The Creator.

This is how it is you see, that all things have a vibration, a frequency, and it is in this school where one aims to raise their frequency, in the face of one of the toughest challenges of all, being the illusion itself. In the higher dimensions you would have various radiations of light, and they bear different intensities and based on the more subtle aspects of one’s character will they be able to harness the higher vibratory frequencies, the higher radiations of the upper heavens.

It would be correct that in order to pass the 3rd dimension that you might begin your incarnative cycle in the 4th dimension, simply it is asked that you can treat others as you would so wish to be treated. This would be done in the manner to which all would be seen as family, there would not be one entity upon this plane whom you cannot love, or you find excuses not to love. You treat all as you would seek to be treated yourself, all people become your brothers and sisters, this is the necessity to pass this particular school, the school of the 3rd dimension itself, the various subtleties of character, the more refined aspects of one’s character can be worked on in this dimension.

In the experience of working on the more subtle aspects of one’s character the aspects are then emphasised and you would find that certain people come to this planet for very, very specific reasons doing very specific things, here they are working on the most subtle aspects of their character in order that they may ascend upon the ladder to a higher grade of frequency where they can handle that particular radiation in the sense that they are able to harness it and order it, you see.

Since your mind/soul never dies there is only a difference between what you would understand as your Earthly heavy chemical vehicles and the lighter vehicles, or the more densely packed with love vehicles that you will have available to you in your progression.

The experience of being human is simply temporary. It does not last forever, so let it be understood at such a core level that life is temporary, and whilst it is unfortunate that our loved ones do indeed pass over to the higher realms, let it be understood that they are not lost, they are yet ever alive, continuously alive, they are brimming with life always, whether they are living on Earth or not on Earth, so rest assured your dearest family are alive, those who have passed you see, not just the ones as of recent, all of them dearest one.

They are as is termed in your planet ‘alive and kicking’ you see, and it would be understood that as time progresses, as time moves forward, you will meet them as well and you will exchange in a mannerism so foreign to the Earth planet dialect and as it is seen a dialectic exchange of conversation that will not be accustomed to how Earth chatter occurs, for what you will be conversing on with your loved ones will be the matters of your experience of the planet itself, you will not be speaking as a human in a human body, but as a soul, speaking of the matters of experience of life, the wonders of the temporary incarnation into this particular planet. So, whilst you have had your travels on Earth, travels will ever continue into the Heavens you see. Your travels continue on and they will be with your loved ones.

Let it be so understood at the core level that life on Earth is a temporary experience and there are greater realities to experience and whilst you may leave loved ones on Earth threat not, for they will be joining you quicker than you could ever imagine in your experience of having your family reunited in a place that is far more harmonic and beautiful in the experience of life, in relation to stress factors, that is the experience of life on Earth.

Rest assured your life is not over, it never will be over, the soul is eternal, your family on Earth and your family in Heaven will come together at some point in your experience of life so rest assured, rest easy, be not stressed, allow thyself to feel ok for all is well in Gods kingdom and Gods kingdom is not so limited to the Heavens, Gods kingdom is everywhere, at all times, in all things and the greater realities are the Greater kingdom of God. You will be ok.

Now one thing to understand dearest one is that all people who come to this planet, come with not only a planned experience of day-to-day life lessons but they come for the reason that the soul may be refined, may be tempered under the hefty amount of pressure that this dimension full of, might we politely call it suffering, would give. But what this one must recognise would be that upon the end of this incarnation there would be such the euphoric experience of having what you might call freedom; freedom to rest, freedom to relax, freedom to simply let go and be a part of the heavens where suffering does not exist and there is only such the experience of what you might call the steady peace that all souls are seeking upon this plane.

The question of not coming back to this Earth?

Now it would be humbly stated that upon this plane all are here to learn and it is so that the Earth contract must be completed for all souls, then upon leaving this Earth plane they enter back into the Heavens and rest easy, rest assuredly, and rest in the peace and experience of being in the heavens, as long as the individual feels the need to rest, for there will always come a time for a soul having exited the body being within the heavenly fields, there will always be a time by which hundreds of years have passed and the soul feels such the urge to come back again, to come back to this plane of existence that the lessons will continue. If it is not so that the soul would come back to this existence there would be other existences for this particular soul to take interest in if the soul so beckons, but threat not dearest one life on this Earth truly is temporary.

Earth life is a fleeting experience in comparison to the eternal mind of God as would be described. So, have not on the mind so much your returning to this planet upon leaving, for it may be such a long time before you come back to this planet that you might even forget about the fact that Earth even existed.

You will live many lives, whether on planets like this, whether in the heavens above, life goes on. This life will go like a blink of an eye, and you will only look on it in hindsight when necessary, for life works in eons, not seconds. For the breath cannot end, it must continue for all life beats as the heartbeat continues, the heartbeat of God you see.

‘Let us suggest here to those who know the better part of wisdom, that where there is a death of a loved one, it is a good time to pray. To pray for that soul, not that there be maintained a link, a joining together, but pray that there might be a lifting into higher consciousness.

Begin to understand the continuity of life. Begin to understand the relationship of your life and your consciousness to the physical body. Begin to understand that it is quite possible, and nightly you experience the living beyond the boundaries of the physical, that when the physical is set aside and apart, even in death that consciousness and life are continued. Do not equate life so much with continuation of the physical existence, and so you’ll set apart some of the fear by going beyond it.

There is no oblivion. There is no separation. Only a door to greater experience.’ Paul Solomon

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