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A place where those beings from a somewhat upper dimension help us of a somewhat lower one, by imparting their gifts of knowledge, wisdom and guidance towards becoming the most spiritually evolved version of you.

This site is a mix of the well-channelled esoteric and the well-studied practical:

Our Services

We specialise in Hypnotherapy

 because we understand Energy and know the power of the subconscious to create rapid change.

Energy: The Motion of Infinity

We understand Energy so well, we wrote a book on it.

(Well it's channelled from a Higher Dimension but we done the typing!)

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If you are unable to buy for whatever reason, as this is information we feel is of great importance, please download the PDF version for free.

Need Help?

Do you have trauma, depression, anxieties, stress, or limiting beliefs?

These all block your Energy.


What will you do with all that Energy once its free?


Accessing the higher aspects of the mind, allows access to lots of remarkable information.

This blog is a library for some of that information.


Where the Passion Begins



Hypnotherapist / Life Coach

Having successfully switched from the world of Data and Business Analysis to the much more fulfilling world of People Analysis, those well honed problem solving skills along with a high level of approachability and intuition, allow change to occur in a safe and professionally guided environment.


Aided by his sons access to the Akashic Records, and due to the information gathered the various changes to lifestyle, diet, thought patterns, environment, routine, physical, mental and spiritual health, he is currently on a journey toward mastering both the esoteric and the practical, but sadly he's still pretty crap at chess.



Spiritual Life Coach / Source Readings

Whether its Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, advanced schooling in developing or unlocking your innate Psychic Abilities, or just general Soulful Evolution, this is very much your man. Jordan is remarkably tapped in, as the vast array of channelled information contained in the blogs can testify.

After years of consistent meditation he intuitively unlocked aspects of his subconscious that have led to quite remarkable paths of internal discovery, including the ability to obtain answers that would not usually be available to the standard conscious processing of the mind via the evaluation of known data. He also makes a decent curry!

Fully qualified through the IAPC&M in Coaching and Counselling, trained in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Guided Revelations and Regression, with the rare blessing of being able to conduct Source Readings to those that are truly mining the depths of spiritual consciousness.

We can help you to free up that stagnant Energy currently locked into the stresses and traumas you carry, and lovingly guide its transformation back into that wonderful potentiated Energy, making it available to focus towards

Growth, Success, Health, Peace of Mind and True Purpose - which to our understanding is Spiritual Evolution!

Here are some of the things we can help you with:

Spiritual Growth, Self-Esteem, Astral Projection, DreamworkAnxietyDepressionInsomnia, Personal Goals, Repressed Emotions, Motivation, Procrastination, Happiness, Creating A Better Life...

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