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Every one of us is born with great self-esteem. We didn't work for it, we were just born with it. Then someone or something comes along and drags our wonderful boat full of self-esteem through an unrequested storm, and then we go about the incredibly strange job of learning to un-love ourselves!
Let's un-learn that!


Insomnia or sleep disorders can be incredibly frustrating, particularly when we know that at some point in our lives, there was a time that we slept well. You may say "I have never ever slept well!" But even if we need to go back as far as childhood, you would have slept well at some stage of your life, and you can again.


Whether reoccurring, lucid, nightmarish or pleasant, dreams have a near infinite potential to help us in all manner of ways; practical, spiritual, unspiritual or anything in-between. The subtle realms of the imagination are a wonderous place and it is here that our subconscious can communicate important messages in its true language of symbology.
We will take you back into these dreams, so you can unlock their deepest meanings.


The feeling of anxiety is quite common in all of us, it is a normal part of our daily lives and in the right circumstances can actually be helpful. However, although stress and anxiety are natural states, we are not designed to be in them for long periods of time. Repeat: for long periods of time!

Lets break that cycle together.


That depressed feeling that nothing is going to change can be a lonely, isolated place. It can feel like you are living under this dark shadow and other people just don't get it. That shadow can be lifted, and that light can once again shine.

Image by Pinakeen Bhatt


When I reached out to Jerry I was really struggling. Having overcome depression before, I found myself once again at a low point, this time with additional feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety. 
Having had talking therapy before, I felt I needed a therapist who could understand my issues on several levels. 
In my sessions I felt heard, I found a safe space to express my needs and beliefs, and more importantly, had them challenged in a way that enabled more constructive thought. I found a safe place to unpack and rebuild. As a consequence I am happier within myself, calmer, less anxious, more confident and able to find myself in the hard moments and bring myself through.
I'm not just coping but feel like I'm living again! I'm so grateful to Jerry for helping me through this part of my journey.

Nesha Welch

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