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The Art of Dreams

Dreams have a near infinite potential to help human beings in all manner of ways, practical, unspiritual, spiritual or anything in-between.

Dreams are quite a remarkable aspect of life, no matter how strange or surreal, regardless of how beyond physics or physical life the experiences within them are, they feel undeniably real. An important note to consider when reading this is that your physical vehicle only houses a small portion of your soul. This physical, atomic body is dense, its vibrations are slow whereas the vibrations of the soul are remarkably high and absolutely filled with energy, so much so that only a small portion of the soul can incarnate in this slow physical reality to prevent damaging the body.

As we spiritually evolve and vibrate higher, more of the soul can inhabit, therefore less of the consciousness becomes sub. The soul inhabiting your body with all its vibrational magnificence gets, I guess you could say, contaminated by this lower energetic experience and therefore needs to regularly heal and rest in a higher plane to repair in a much faster more vivid realm, so it naturally demands that the body rest so it can go and enjoy a much needed recharge. This is when you fall asleep and dreams come in.

*The following is channelled information

What is a Dream?

Dreams are abstracts of the mind, they are in some cases communications of the Over-Self, or as those upon this plane have come to term it High-Self/Higher-Self.

Whether an abstract or a communication, always will a dream be mediated through the Mental Body (Astral Body) whilst the Mental Body (Astral Body) tends to enter into a location in space and time that is an octave or dimension above 1st Density, as could be termed.

Here, we thus elude that especially when dreams are of a vivid and cinematic nature, that the Mental Body has partially separated from 1st Density and entered into the higher realities. Those things you see and experience are due to the more creative and deeper portions of the Souls Mind designing an experience for its own consciousness to garner lessons therefrom.

Let us consider that consciousness in a human-vehicle be only 1/10th or some meaningful amount less, the rest of the Consciousness is 9/10th's and exists outside of the physical body lest the physical body be damaged by the overwhelming amount of energy. In the deeper portions of the mind, the 9/10th's, it becomes so that this deeper mind, or the subconscious as some have termed it, is able to communicate advanced ideas and concepts to the conscious. In such a sense, given that the 1/10th of Consciousness originally being non-physical is able to separate partially from the body, it can enter into the basic realm where the Subconscious exists, this is a personal realm in the Astral which is a collection of all the experiences you have ever had and in equal, experiences that you can generate with your own creativity, thus it be the Akasha, or your Energy/Memory 'Matrix' if we could use such a term as to describe something very complicated.

The Over-Self chooses not to bother communicating in verbal language, why ought it?

It is able to pass far greater concepts in greater detail through a linear movie of symbolism. When an entity gathers the ability to project the Mental Body into the Astral during the night, communications with the Over-Self attain a level of detail that is peerless and perfect, thus the process of dreaming advances to the process of Lucid Dreaming, which gives the ability for entities to awaken memories of past-lives and powers from within.

Consider Dearest One, a medium, a liquid, an ether/aether. This ether is full of 'stuff,' the stuff in and of itself is quite undefined, it is something and yet is seemingly nothing. It is strange but, say for instance Dearest One, you 'think' on it, it will attain a vibration.

The nature of the thought you impress upon this etheric stuff will determine the rate of vibration and the structure the etheric stuff will attain, faster vibrations yield more intricate and complicated creations, slower vibrations, limited by the speed of its own travel, yield less complicated creations.

Your physical plane, we consider this to be a low vibration of this ether, the Atoma, as we had once termed in a previous communication. The plane in which your dreams occur, this is a most vivid plane, whereby the ether vibrates with great speed - many times faster than your physical plane. Your experience of senses is far more holistic in this level of existence, your capacity to re-orientate the ether with thought alone is far greater. Due to the relative speed of this high ether of the dream world, it cannot interact with your physical plane.

A dream thus, is the activity of your consciousness in this high ether. We should note, all entities have their own personal 'frequency' in this high ether, as does a radio-station broadcast specific frequencies for specific results in terms of your music selections. During the night, an entities consciousness reaches into the dream-world, the consciousness interacts with the material, the ether, in said plane - objects and abstractions of the mind are created, enjoyed/unenjoyed.

What is their purpose?

Dreams inherently have utterly no intention, consider you have Freewill Dearest One, if not applied, no Work is done - literally.

Now consider Dearest One, you think heavily on the idea of: 'What are the blockages in my life, I wish I could understand this.'

Your consciousness musing on this idea, carries the idea into the higher ethers, the dream world. The result? Answers of many kinds, as your consciousness communicates with itself, let us recall that consciousness is a remarkable force; many occasions have we of J given mention to the Over-Self, it is the idea that you, as you, are only a small portion of yourself whilst you inhabit the physical body. The rest of you is not within the physical body, lest the physical body be destroyed by the incredible pressure of highly-organized energy. Instead, the rest of your consciousness sits beyond the body.

When your consciousness leaves the body temporarily during the night to enter into the high ethers, it interacts with itself, as in the rest of itself. The thoughts you carry into the night touch the Over-Self, and the Over-Self responds by platonically touching you with its Love and Wisdom. In such a way, Work being done yields a result, the result may indeed be an understanding of how to clear a blockage.

But consider Dearest One, that dreams are simply that, dreams, they can be whatever you wish them to be as you manipulate the medium that is the Ether. Dreams have a near infinite potential to help human beings in all manner of ways, practical, unspiritual, spiritual or anything in-between.

We are reminded of entities who, at this very time, are using their dreams to make gross sums of your prized economic commodity. We are reminded of entities who utilise dreams to solve medical dilemmas and problems, of entities who utilise dreams to locate places to go, places to live, the climate and the times, to prophesize, to solve computer problems and difficult concepts. If there is Work to be done, it can be carried into this high ether, the medium vibrates quickly, it allows for problems to be solved with great rapidity. Your Consciousness is vast Dearest One, entities who experiment with the dream realm begin to realise the great realities to which they can construct.

The Universe is abundant with beings of all kinds, some friends, some not so friendly. Many, many an occasion do entities, especially those proficient, utilise their dreams to communicate with loved ones passed, loved ones alive, what you know as Extra-Terrestrials, and a variety of other beings such as pets, some of the more ancient animals and such and such. The list could go on. Depending on the depth of the relationship, this can be quite common - per the usual, a recently deceased pays regular visits to prized loved ones, the visits diminish overtime for the entity finds meaning in things beyond this planet.

Many a case, entities within this realm are simply seeing the reflections of their own mind, not so simply the incarnate mind, but the mind which stretches for eons into the 'past.' Oh so many occasions will an entity have a dream not at all recognising any of the characters - funny a thing for the entity realise not that before them, are their own past incarnations, are the entities whom had existed in those past incarnations.

Again, it is the usual that the people, the objects, the scenarios, and all such things are caused by the Self and the Over-Self. Recall, that when Work is carried to the Over-Self, the Over-Self may be able to give immensely intelligent responses, consider the Over-Self akin to a computer of the Gods.

Dream Sychronisation

There are however other cases in which two entities may be able to share a dream world by tapping each others personal 'frequency,' such as two radios being tuned toward the same frequency, hearing the same music.

We of J are of the belief that entities whom have been in what is termed Marriage, and the Marriage has been of extreme harmony, tend to have this experience of Dream Synchronisation. The occurrence here is that the entities tune into each others personal-frequency, allowing the self and otherself to join each others dream-space. The dream-space is a space akin to a park or a large playing field, with the addition that it seemingly stretches for miles. Depending on the thoughts of the day or the month, will determine where the synchronized entities end up, in such a sense, whilst they may not meet each other in the dream-space, they will occupy the same dream-space or the same vibrational-plane.

Entities project always in the night, into the Low Astral, this plane is by no means Low for there is no Low in truth. Everything is relative. In better terms, the rate of vibration of the material in the Low-Astral is not very high in comparison to the upper regions of the Astral, and yet, in comparison to your physical, the Low-Astral has a rather monstrous vibration.

The Low-Astral is a realm in which thoughts become things, objects, you can touch and interact with them, create and destroy them, thus, you can dream. But each and every entity interacts with the lower Astral at a different basic frequency, they thus tune into the Lower-Astral at various wave-lengths, intensifying or lessening the intensity of the dreamed experience.

Dream-Synchronisation is an experience whereby at-least two entities tune into the same plane or frequency of the Low-Astral, similar to tuning a radio to hear a particular wave-length of the, if we could call it, Physical-Astral, or Electromagnetic Spectrum. If two entities tune-into and manipulate the same Low-Astral plane, these two entities can sync and enjoy a dream together so long as they are able to locate one another.

Within the Dream-Space, the properties of reality are entirely different and far more unlimited than your physical plane, it is no wonder that entities tend to see a different side to their spouse or friend within this level of reality, this may merit the good, but also intensify the bad. May we also say that it is quite amusing to us that when entities manage to accidently, usually, achieve a Dream-Sync, they tend to (if they are in romance with each other), resort to extremely creative sexual endeavours. We do find this rather comedic and human.

In a synchronized Dream, entities can come many times closer together and experience a potent version of the emotional connection to which they have upon the Earth plane. Why not consider your emotions here, and multiply them a few times to get a picture of what you could potentially feel for someone (or against someone) in the Low-Astral?

It is as though the shuttles within the self are unlocked, and energy can flow at a far higher rate. A great level of healing and forgiveness can happen in a synchronized Dream, for seeing and recalling the past, understanding and coming to terms with experiences is of greater ease. It becomes possible to consult the great Akashic to perceive or attempt to perceive memories of the past-lives, this be done in order to comprehend why a relationship between two, romantic or platonic, is failing or succeeding and where things ought go in the future. We consider relationship building and developing during synchronized Dreaming to be a most adept form of social intercourse.

And it is most true Dearest One, entities can send messages to one another, and sometimes this does occur - but it is usually brushed off. How many times has an entity messaged you after you had a dream of them Dearest Ones?

The Power of Thought must not be underestimated, the thoughts that seemingly happen in your brain are not attached to the brain, thoughts are wireless and can entangle with electrons in other places.

This would suffice, to we of J, as a simplistic explanation as to what a dream is. It is the activity of consciousness in a higher plane of existence Dearest One.

Lucid dreaming and Astral projection will be covered in other posts...

If you have a dream you would like to further explore and/or re-experience at a higher level of understanding, our 'Immersive Dream Therapy' will help you unlock the true messages and guidance within these wonderfully symbolic experiences.

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