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This Is How Dreams Work!

Dreams have a near infinite potential to help human beings in all manner of ways, practical, spiritual, unspiritual or anything in-between.

*This is a short video summary of the following blog post.

Dreams are quite a remarkable aspect of life, no matter how strange or surreal, you might be flying, falling, shooting lasers out of your eyeballs, regardless of how beyond physics or physical life the experiences within them are, they feel undeniably real.

But before we speak on what dreams actually are, we need to first speak about the soul.

Firstly consider that your physical vehicle only houses a small portion of your soul, mainly because that's all it can actually manage. This physical, atomic body is dense, its vibrations are slow whereas the vibrations of the soul are remarkably high and absolutely filled with energy, so much energy that only a small portion of the soul can incarnate in this slow physical reality to prevent damaging the body.

We generally define the higher-self as the rest of your soul, and this higher-self is tethered via the silver cord to the lower-self which is the part of your soul that's here. The lower-self is just a small portion, an extension that the higher-self has sent into this experience for its own various reasons. Reasons that may be better understood by clicking here.

The physiology of our body is only capable of handling a certain amount of consciousness.

Hypothetically speaking, if a higher-self were to fully incarnate into a vehicle, lets say a whale since having a massive lethargic vehicle floating in a vast ocean of water with lots of complicated mechanisms to operate, might perhaps help to balance the immensity of this evolved higher mind that was incarnating into it. If the higher-self were to incarnate into this big old whale, its natural aura, its natural electromagnetic field would be so immense and powerful that it would cause the sea itself to completely change by its mere presence.

The higher-self is a living God, this is why we are told that 'ye are Gods', because that's what you are connected to, such an intense presence in the sea would cause the life surrounding this living God to feel immeasurable loved, life would seem magical perhaps which sounds great but due to the politics of this earth school we're all stuck in, it would impede on the free will and free choice that all those swimming entities have, which our source says is an issue. This is why the Higher-Self has to send down something like a Lower-Self, a small portion of itself, a little bit of itself and its lifeforce that we call our soul, because if it was to send too much the soul would simply over energise this body and damage it. We would be sat in a cabbage like state, just blissed out by the sheer intensity of love pouring through us.

You may even consider Jesus, (Yeshua, Immanuelle, Isha, which ever name you prefer for he had many, consider that you would have lots of pseudonym's too if people were hunting you from birth), and also consider that a special vehicle, a special highly vibrational body was required to house the amount of consciousness, the amount of soul he was able to possess, hence the special birth requirements allowing him to walk in his body as a God amongst men, with remarkable metaphysical ability and profound access to more of his consciousness.

We ourselves can improve the amount of consciousness this vehicle can handle by improving our diet, our control over our emotions, and our general mentality and thoughts; by meditation, by spiritual practices, by increasing our vibration as people like to say. The higher we vibrate, the more of our consciousness, the more of our soul we can house.

Picture this big old subconscious mind, and as we spiritually evolve and vibrate higher, less of that consciousness remains sub and we start to slowly gain conscious access to some of the more exciting potentials our subconscious currently controls for our own safety.

Bringing it back now to dreams, the soul inhabiting your body with all its vibrational magnificence gets, let's say 'contaminated' by this lower energetic experience, and therefore needs to regularly heal and rest in a higher plane to repair in a much faster more vivid realm, it gets homesick so it naturally demands that the body rest so it can go and enjoy a much needed recharge. This is when you fall asleep and dreams come in.

*The following is channelled information

What is a Dream?

Dreams can be many things, sometimes they are just a bunch of useless images that hold no meaning at all, just random abstracts of the mind. But they are sometimes the result of your imagination becoming ultra vivid as the soul detaches from the normal ways it tends to think.

In the wakeful state there are certain stress neurotransmitters that are activated which put your brain into a mode, this mode is a mode that’s is critical for survival, but rather abysmal for any creative activities.

You will find in nature that animals don't necessarily use their imagination at all, the mechanism by which a bird knows how to build a nest, or a spider knows how to weave a web, is built within regions of their body that would be akin to the cerebellum if you will. A region that is automatic and requires no imaginative foreplay. Understand that the normal state of a human being is such that it swaps the usefulness of the imagination in replacement for the very normative functions of survival, food, physical activity, the most simplistic of things, this is your wakeful state, what is known as the ‘beta wave’ in those EEG monitor device.

However, when you close your eyes, assuming that you are in a very safe environment, your body changes its mode of operation going from survival to a hypervivid state. The normal flow of blood to the brain changes entirely and regions of the brain that do not usually - here's the key - receive blood flow, begin to receive blood flow. This flow of blood, of energy or sugar or glucose, fuels regions of the brain that are typically unavailable, and as a result of those regions of the brain receiving more energy then they typically do your imagination becomes hypervivid.

As the imagination becomes hypervivid, any experiences that you have had during the day that have left an impression on you, that have really affected your soul, are carried into this experience we call dreaming, the hypervivid imagination. Random subconscious stimuli also begin to filter through the thought cycles of your experience and pop up as random imagery that is usually very distorted or strange, for it is coming from your subconscious mind rather than your conscious one.

When dreams are of a vivid and cinematic nature, the Mental Body has partially separated from 1st Density (the atomic body) and entered into the higher realities. Those things you see and experience are due to the more creative and deeper portions of the Souls Mind designing an experience for its own consciousness to garner lessons from.

Let us consider that the amount of consciousness in a human-vehicle is only 1/10th or less. The rest of the Consciousness, the remaining 9/10th's, exists outside of the physical body lest the physical body be damaged by the overwhelming amount of energy. In the deeper portions of the mind, those 9/10th's, the subconscious is able to communicate advanced ideas and concepts to the conscious. Because the 1/10th of consciousness, originally being non-physical, is able to separate partially from the body, it can enter into the basic realm where the Subconscious exists; this is a personal realm in the Astral which is a collection of all the experiences you have ever had and in equal, potential experiences that you can generate with your own creativity, thus it be the Akasha, or your Energy/Memory 'Matrix' if we could use such a term as to describe something very complicated.

The Higher-Self chooses not to bother communicating in verbal language, why ought it?

It is able to pass far greater concepts in greater detail through a linear movie of symbolism. When an entity gathers the ability to project the Mental Body into the Astral during the night, communications with the Higher-Self attain a level of detail that is peerless and perfect, thus the process of dreaming advances to the process of Lucid Dreaming, which gives the ability for entities to awaken memories of past-lives and powers from within.

Attempting to get insight into yourself about your subconscious mind by studying the images it presents will either yield well fruited results or simply yield nonsense. The determining factor in this is intention.

Not everyone can get good information from dreams, and sometimes dreams are just the useless babble of the subconscious mind thinking. But in some cases the subconscious mind will let things slip almost, it will send images that are actually quite contextual to your future or your present, it will show you the illnesses in your own body as it is very much repairing that area of your body, it will show you the beliefs that you hold so dear to you such as for instance the entity Jordan (the channel) now doesn’t eat meat, many a time in his dreams he will be in a restaurant where someone will give him meat, and as he eats the meat he will be sick all over the floor. It is an indication that the subconscious mind that is responsible for digestion, consumption of food finds meat sickening and doesn’t require it.

The subconscious mind can only really send very simple and crude messages like this, it can tell you the health of your knee or what food your body can correctly assimilate without much trouble.

What it cannot do very well is send you very complex things... this is where lucid dreaming comes in, for if the will of the mind is in play when the blood flow to the brain changes, meaning - if you are awake while the blood flow of the brain is altering and regions of the brain that do not usually receive it are now receiving that blood flow, your imagination is now becoming hypervivid, and you are now entering into a state of great creative potential.

If you can be conscious during this, you can control your dreams and discover many things about yourself. This is why it can be useful to carry questions into your dream, if the question really means a lot to you and you carry it into your dream, then you might actually experience a whole array of things that are very deeply buried within your subconscious mind, that can come to the forefront in context to the question, and thus you might learn a thing or two.

As a dreamer becomes more advanced becoming more conscious during those states, greater beings can begin to filter information through, higher-self can also begin to send its own thoughts in this sensitive state but this only comes much later.

Not all dreams are messages, sometimes they are simply random babble, this must be accepted, but when you have a dream and it is rather obvious that this dream is more, it is not random babble, it is a clear message, it is an obvious infiltration of a higher force, then it means that you have carried an intention so strongly into the dream that it gives you access to memories and ideas you never had before. When you have a dream of this nature you will know it, for it will tell you things that are extremely useful and it will say it in a way that can not ever be mistaken, such as when the entity Jordan had a dream of getting fired from a Morrisons job, which was actually a prediction that he would eventually leave the job because stacking shelves all day is far less interesting then being around a jovial environment doing something he is rather good at which is customer service, seeing people having fun and of course being surrounded by people he can have social interactions with who are around his age.

Consider the dream-world to be the limbo between the physical and astral dimensions, a natural means of connecting to the higher aspects of your subconscious mind, whilst the physical body is subdued. Practice using the power of your intention to take your questions up and into your dream realm, and turn your dreams into that wonderful intimate guidance system to your life, that they are meant to be.

If you have a dream you would like to further explore and/or re-experience at a higher level of understanding, our 'Immersive Dream Therapy' will help you unlock the true messages and guidance within these wonderfully symbolic experiences.

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