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Energy - The Motion of Infinity

Energy - The Motion of Infinity

SKU: 9781739911607

God is the beginning!

The Human experience is akin to God Almighty being stuck in a dream whereby it forgot that it was God Almighty. Perhaps this is why Genesis 2:21 says ‘LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept’... but never mentions him waking up! Perhaps in our innocent ignorance we are still metaphysically asleep?

In awakening to a better relationship with Energy, you are awakening to a better relationship with Creation itself, a relationship that awakens the powers within.
If you are having an unpleasant experience of life, it is because your mind is motioning your Kundalini in an unpleasant way, this book will give you the tools to motion this Energy correctly.
For those that wish to better understand Chakras, Kundalini and even Enlightenment, these will be demystified. The hidden knowledge from the schools of mystery will be explained in understandable and practical terms, planting the 4th Density seeds your mental body needs to correctly flower, allowing the ego to shift from survive to thrive.

This book will improve your spiritual hygiene, deepening your relationship with God and your Higher-Self, using wisdom downloaded through a young adept, a rare child that has intuitively accessed psychic and telepathic methods to draw answers from the great Akashic Records, the various sparks of light in the unified field such as his Higher Dimensional Guides ‘J’, and the Infinite Intelligence of Source itself.

You will gain extraordinary insight into this human experience, from the physical energies of sex, food and drugs, to the mental energies of ego, suffering and meditation, and ultimately the metaphysical energies of Chakras, Kundalini and the true process of Enlightenment itself. It all simply comes down to Energy and how skilled we become at motioning it.

In reading this book, you ‘Wanderers’ may even begin to feel a little more at home.


    6x9 and looking fine

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