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The Astral Body: Root Chakra - The Feeling Body

Greetings everyone!

J here. I may seem different but I remain ever the same, allow me to be more casual with you all. Today, we and our instrument would like to discuss... The Root Chakra!

Cute baby laying in nature

The Root Chakra is a pool of very slow moving thought, it moves so slowly it feels painful and the greatest pain a Soul has to experience, is slowing down enough to squeeze into a body. To our belief, it is not that the baby experiences pain coming out of the vagina, but instead, the greatest pain a soul may truly feel, is the pain of squeezing its thought-power, its essence, into a tiny squishy vehicle.

The greatest quantity of your own life force is stored in the Root Chakra, but it is moving so slowly that you only feel it at certain times, most in the morning and afternoon but least in the evening. At the Root Chakra, during sleep, energy is replenished based on the wants and needs of the soul and the body.

The 1st Density of the Root Chakra draws this energy in as the crude electromagnetic force you know as matter, rather, thought slows down immensely, becoming hormones and chemicals and a variety of other phenomena. It is the Root Chakra which sets the stage for what is to be made, it truly contains the makings of your entire body.

As the energy in the Root Chakra leaves for the Sacral Chakra, it changes from feelings of pain initially, to feelings of sexuality or arousal, and then, feelings of emotion. Here, we see that the thought-energy in the Root Chakra is increasing in vibration, reaching for 2nd Density.

Slowly, the thought-energy reaches for each occurring density, finally making its way to 4th density. At 4th density, one may become capable of literally feeling their entire body all the time, even to the point of being able to see an after-image of their body constantly in the background of their vision.

Tree with deep roots in front of a waterfall

We believe that humans have very blocked Root Chakra's for a variety of reasons, but for many of you, your 4th density bodies are ready to receive this energy, and so, our suggestion would be to ask that if you are able and feel comfortable, allow yourself to sit in nature with your bare feet to the floor, if you are feeling a little more adventurous you may stand to intensify the experience even more.

Allow the pain you may or may not have been ignoring to move from your feet, through your body and into your Heart Chakra, for if you allow pain to move into your Heart Chakra, you will feel such immense love, joy and bliss. Equally, a wonderful sensation will begin to build in your forehead, indicating that your 4th Density Body, your Astral Body, is turning on!

Many here today, yes, including you whom are reading this, have 4th Density activated vehicles, now we of J believe it is time to charge these bodies up so that you and others are able to do hopefully, more good things.

This is the end of our communication.

We are here in Love.


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