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Image by Kinga Cichewicz


As we grow older and life brings its stresses, worries and concerns, we can develop a regular sleep issue. Sleep deprivation can cause problems at work, in relationships and generally leave us feeling very unhappy and fatigued. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic process where we can begin to learn to relax again and at some point start to improve on our sleep pattern.
You have issues sleeping, so why is it you can nod off so easily at that boring meeting at work, or while trying to watch that film on the television, but then find yourself lying awake all night while other people contentedly snore the night away?
Usually with insomnia the mind is working, worrying, attempting to solve some issue, some fear based anxiety or uncertainty, the mind is out of control. It needs to separate what has happened in the past that caused the concern, from any possible future occurrences that could cause difficulties or loss to self. 
While the mind is working, whirling, wondering and fearing, how could it possibly relax into something as restorative as sleep? 
Controlling the mind therefore is key here.
The past is the past, it cannot be changed, but the future... we will give you a sense of self that knows it will overcome what is yet to be. We will help you manage these concerns, to bring you back into the all important present, to stop the mind from arguing with itself. It doesn't take a strong mind to come to a relaxed, balanced state of comfort, it takes a mind that is in control!
As the mind is brought into control the body naturally will follow, there is hierarchy here. Picture a sportscar parked on the road, and your emotions as the cars accelerator. When your mind is fixated on something negative, stuck on worrying, fearing, concern, it is like stepping on the accelerator with the car in neutral and the handbrake still on. The engine roars away but the car is not moving. Insomnia is the mind working away while the body is stationary.
Worrying about past injustices or circumstances, fearing a future that may or may not be, bringing the mind into the present moment where you have a form of control, moving your mind from fear and worry to expectation and enthusiasm will allow you to take back control. To get back into your seat of power where you control the process of thinking, from thinking to relaxing, from relaxing to sleeping, and from sleeping to entering into the deeper levels of sleep that you so richly deserve, awakening rejuvenated and refreshed the next day. 
Let's begin the process of learning to control your mind so you can learn to drift off peacefully again.

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