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Image by Joice Kelly


When we feel anxious we become fearful of the potential future, apprehensive about what's to come, but this is just a possibility, a projected fantasy.

With anxiety, at some point in the past when we felt anxious, we created a 'mental mistake' that the feeling of fear would help us to deal with problems, and difficult or dangerous situations. There is however, a time at which people do not worry at all, do not feel any anxiety whatsoever, it sounds obvious but we never worry when we are in control.

Anxiety and worry in imagery could be pictured as one who has just stubbed their toe and is now frantically hopping around on one leg, going here and there waving their hands around randomly, as they make strange noises through gritted teeth. 

Then we have the one who is not anxious, who doesn't worry, who stands still, who is peaceful, this person feels at onement, at home with the self, they are in control. 

In comparison of these two images, which would you rather be?

There are many tried and tested techniques in hypnotherapy that can cure sufferers of anxiety including hypnoanalysis which can take us directly to the root of the problem. It is our goal to resolve the problem completely and not to simply give you a way to manage it. The key to this is breaking it down, realising where it comes from and why.

You will gain control and the inappropriate, maladaptive mechanism for coping which is your irrational fear will be rendered redundant. When that happens for you it will be the most positive, profound feeling and if this is happening to you or someone you know I urge you to give me a call, don't you deserve a better life?

Please don't think that if you have had this issue for many years it can't be fixed. There is hope.

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