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Image by Alysha Rosly


If you have low self-esteem you might be the sort of person who is very kind and always does friends favours. In fact you seem to attract people who 'want' from you. Even close friends can slip into that mode of being a 'taker' around you because you're so giving.

Do you always want more time for yourself but never seem to get much because you fill your day doing things for other people?

Do you find it very hard to say 'NO' as you feel guilty, often finding yourself doing things you don't really want to do? 

Do you look after your friends, partner, children far better than yourself? 

You may even live your life in chaos and disorder, yet be great at giving good solid advice which you never listen to yourself. Sound familiar?

We all have an inner voice which we will be aware of throughout our day. It may begin at the mirror in the morning, “Will I look good in this or that?” Perhaps it's something stronger like, "I'm such a failure." or "I'm not good enough!" or "I never do anything right!" People with low self-esteem have a critical inner voice which again could begin at the mirror but it might sound more like “I’m so ugly”, “my body is disgusting”, “how could anyone want to love me?” This voice will be criticising them throughout their whole day. These negative statements become preconceived ideas that the mind replays over and over again.


Could you imagine walking up to a stranger the next time you go out and saying, "Your not good enough, you never do anything right, how could anyone want to love you?" Chances are you would never dream of doing such a thing, but how is it that you manage to so easily do this to yourself everyday?

How would you respond if I asked you a few questions like, do you deserve to be happy? Are you an important person? Are you worthy of love?

I am a firm believer in the concept that we began life as a perfect baby that loved itself profoundly, but as we grew things changed, situations, people and environments shape us in negative ways sometimes, and sometimes that unhappy, unlovable, unattractive place can become our safe zone, because it is all we know, all we expect.

Lets change that with hypnotherapy; for as the mind changes, as the thinking, emotions, attitude and routine changes each day, the life is certain to change as well. It starts with the will to change, but most importantly, it takes a degree of activity to bring about the ultimate reward. 

If any of this page hits home for you please make that first step today by giving me a call or sending me a message. I have an incredible love for life and the process of life, and step by step we can work together making each small success into one that lasts a lifetime.

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