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The Trouble with Hormones

When the electrical device that is the body is operating efficiently, one could only call the self an Avatar.

Here we look at the body; the mental body and physical body, the energy centers and the endocrine systems, along with the effects and electrical potential that meditation has over all of this. This write up will connect a lot of dots for a lot of people.

*The following is channelled information...

Hormones have at least two faces. The first face is the face of ones lesser biology, the movement of the species as could be understood, here the hormones seek to block quite directly in fact and inhibit the ability for an entity to feel the spiritual forces.

The other side of the coin would be quite the opposite, where the entity is blocked in their ability to feel the romantic, sexual, or as could be termed 'loving' forces. They come hand in hand as could be understood but are quite directly opposed to one another.

In your physical body there comes a time in the meditative state where, whatever the technique, there is a great focus on that other side of the coin, causing hormones that are usually in some cases rampant, to be calmed, for one can quite literally not have a spiritual experience when they are feeling overwhelmingly aroused or something such as this.

Anger would be an aspect of the lower hormonal experience for instance.

Then if it be so that an entity engage in the meditative practice, whether they are using a technique or not, so long as they recognise that what they are in fact trying to do is bring the hormonal quality of the body up, then it can be understood that as the quality of hormonal activity increases and the releasing of a greater quantity of certain neurotransmitters increases, then those great states of consciousness can be achieved.

It is to really understand how the entity Edgar Cayce was so on the mark with his exploration of the endocrine system, which should be understood deeply by all humans, that is the system that dictates your state of consciousness at any given time.

Edgar Cayce correlated the chakra centers with seven of the endocrine glands -pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, Leydig cells, and the gonads - each with a mind of its own, directing the hormonal output into the bloodstream and the neurological impulses into the nervous system.

Endocrine system

We divulge but we feel this important, if a human is angry it is to be understood that his system, that endocrine system, the hormones that are transporting through his body have altered, shifted and changed, causing electrical patterns and blood flow to shift and change. This creates a very horrible vibration in the body, the vibration is so horrible that no level of greater consciousness could be achieved in a safe manner or achieved at all, it would be the same as attempting to cleanly drive a car through a wall.

When one is not angry for instance, the endocrine system in this case is clear and clean. Rather then driving through a wall you are driving through rarefied air so you can pick up speed at a quicker rate like being in the draft of a car. This endocrine system, do not underestimate it, it is your gateway to spiritual elevation. The techniques in truth are but techniques, they give temporary experience to the eager, but in order to subdue the body, to make it correctly respond to consciousness, the greatest challenge is to first begin to control the endocrine system which is a very significant aspect of something that is usually to the average human sub of the conscious mind, as you would call it subconscious.

When this endocrine system is in a greater amount of control of an entity, there can be so many great things that occur inside of the body, but in order that this may be achieved it should be realised the significance of the mental body in this process, for the mental controls the endocrine system quite directly, and your mental state of being is going to determine exactly whether you are having a transcendental experience or not.

When you are angry then, and you are operating at a, say unmusical level, out of harmony, the mental body loses its vitality to a significant level, and thus it is unable to instruct the production of elevated hormones to cause altered states of consciousness that are profound. When the mental body sings in harmony and one feels elevated or happy, or at least when the mental body is of a healthy state of consciousness there is the availability for the mental body to incur the production of the transcendental, elevated or greater hormones which allow one to enter into greater states of consciousness.

There is no technique for this, there is no technique to control the endocrine system although entities will try and try. The only way to control the endocrine system is through a great amount of extended period meditative practice where the mental body can come under a great amount of spiritual pressure and spiritual refinement. As the mental is refined, one finds that the levels of the more ecstasy inducing hormones increase. This is the true practice, the true work, the work that a technique cannot skip. S087 A6

Let us then consider that the body is truly an electrical device. Many have thought themselves human, have thought that their emotional experiences, their romantic experiences and all such things as this are real. We are not so much denying the reality of the same, as much as we are noting that these hormonal experiences are of the lower hormones, these hormones do not pride themselves in the electrical nature of life as much as they pride themselves on the experience of physiological propagation which is very different from Avatarhood.

The mental body is just as able to store, as could be termed 'energy', as is the physical body capable. It is however usually the case that the mental body does not store energy in the average entity for the average entity, dare we say, is so average that they do not feed the mental body anything, but have it on a scarce diet of silly videos and meaningless activities.

The mental body is a body that, in order to come into its truest existence, must be stimulated, engaged, and utilised, that which is not utilised will become senile as the reverent Cayce/the Source had once said. In this sense the mental body finds similarity, if one is able to engage in the mental body as one would, one is able to bring its vitality up by improving its function, the mental body will begin to build in storage and given the right stimulus it will find that its stored energy will be released and when released it is felt as electrical current which seemingly is coming from nowhere, however the mental body releases its energy into the physical body and it utilises what has been understood as glucose especially, to create that sensation of the electrical current in the body.

Then you would understand that the mental body is in total and perfect communication with the physical body, and when it increases in energy or it releases energy, the physical body must release energy too, for all things are simultaneous in these various levels of existence.

This body is in fact an electrical device, and when this is so well understood the potential of the electrical device can be released. It is a matter of recognising it is an electrical device, and understanding that if an electrical device is operating inefficiently, then you might say, without meaning to be disrespectful, you are human! When the electrical device that is the body is operating efficiently, one could only call the self an Avatar!

As your mental body gains more and more harmony, these experiences will transmutate into that ability to call upon this Chi force without it being as random as a thunder strike. When you are able to call upon these forces of Chi and direct them through the body, indeed there will be natural abilities that come to the self that will be a natural reminder that this body you exist in is not an emotional machine, something that is like watching a drama movie where you perceive an entity going through, seemingly what they think are the troubles and toils of being a human, but you’re not really a human at all. And this is not a human body. And those experiences you have which feel human are only but in truth, illusions.

The many experiences that you may class as human, with all due respect, have to do typically with the propagation of the specie and the growing of the specie as in the nurturing or the parenting, for most humans upon this planet consider the greatest experience to be this process, either the romantic side of the coin or the child raising side of the coin.

We of Source are not to disrespect of minimise the profoundness of this experience, we appreciate that this is the way to continue a biological technology and indeed this is most appropriate, what we seek to elucidate on is that the lower hormonal aspects of the body were designed in truth to be a temporary experience, not a permanent one.

There would be that dharmic as could be termed, or obligation, the responsibility of an entity to bare a child so that the species doesn’t deplete, and to raise the child harmoniously. But raising a child and bringing a child in to existence are but one thing, the child eventually starts to question reality and here the parent achieves their truer purpose which is to initiate the child into the metaphysical level of their physiological body.

Before this veil was introduced these things where quite known that the Moon was the child baring phase, and the Sun was the enlightenment or the Avatar-hooding of the child by the adult. Then life had two parts; the biological technology was used for raising children, and then used for enlightening, bringing literal enlightenment to the young.

These are the two cycles of the body, and so what has happened upon your plane, is that only one cycle is the primary focus, the other cycle finds its muted-ness in the tendency for humans of today's age to overly engage in technology, or what humans would consider as meaningful activities which in truth are quite deteriorating to the Sun aspect of the cycle.

As to finalise we would say that if humans where able to live for some maybe 200 extra years, they would become bored of technological devices idealistically and would begin the soul seeking and or soul searching, which is a great importance for the biological vehicle; that is your biological device is quite literally designed as much for raising children, as it is equally for the raising of consciousness.

This body you live in is designed for these two purposes primarily, and they both share surprisingly perhaps, just as much importance as one another. S087 A5

If you would like to gain a deeper understanding on meditation, its relationship to the endocrine system, and the consciousness raising face of the hormonal system that brings spiritual evolution, consider our 'Spiritual Life Coaching'.

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