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Once Upon a Time There Was a Blockage...

The following is a brief analogy on blockages. For we generally all have those points along our journey when we feel blocked in one way or another. Those periods of time when it feels like our progress has stagnated, come to a halt and been put on pause by some internal or external force or other. I hope this story may be of service to whatever your situation is, and that you find your way, a way where there are neither blockages in-front or behind, no thoughts of what you have been through, or anxiety over what you may yet go through, just complete presence in the experience of your unique journey, and that calm reassurance of simply doing what you are meant to be doing in the all important present moment.

*This is channelled information

There is one here walking down the lane, and he’s admiring the scenery, it is quite beautiful in actuality and the path stretches for miles, and this person walking - you can say it is a he or a she it doesn’t matter - walking, walking, walking down the path, then this individual starts noticing something, as he is walking things are getting better.

The scenery is becoming more beautiful, more organised, the feelings that permeate him are becoming more loving, more joyous and with each step that he takes, with the accumulation of further, what you might call enlightenment, bliss and perceivable beauty, he finds it harder to step, to take a step forward, the abundance that is coming unto him is too difficult to handle and so he stops dead still.

He cannot move another step forward, the beauty is literally blinding, truly blinding, he cannot step forward anymore so magically a bench appears before him, because that’s how God works!

A bench appears before him and he sits, then a spirit appears before him and says, “What's wrong?”

“I cannot walk forward there is a block!” he says.

The spirit looks at him and says, “There is no block, there is simply you.”

He looks at the spirit and says, “No, I cannot walk!”

The spirit looks at him and says, “Move one leg in front of the other!”

And he does this, and the spirit says, “You can walk can you not?”

The man says, “Yes, hypothetically I can, but when I try to walk forward it doesn’t work.”

The spirit gives him a final message and says,

“In all seriousness brother, it is not your legs that cannot move forward, it is that your heart is weeping with love.

Why not learn to handle what you have now?

Why not learn to appreciate what you have now?

Why not learn to come to terms with where you are now?

And when you are used to this vibration, when you are used to this you will find things to do, things that you would not usually do.

You will find natural motivation to get to work, for even though the scenery around you is beautiful, it is untempered, it is unkempt, so bring it into order, order the reality around you, make it yours and when you have done your farming, done your gardening, when you have made this something that you can enjoy, then you can look back and reminisce on the moments as you continue to walk forward.”

This analogy is meant to be a pointer to where you are now, for you are of service are you not?

Your spiritual journey and your spiritual growth, is only a matter of you practicing what you know, and then so it will come to you that you will then be able to move forward and those blockages that you speak of will no longer exist.

A blockage is a message you see, a blockage is a message, it is a message from the Higher-Self that the time is not yet now.

It is a message from the Higher-Self to say that there is still more to do.

There are no blocks in Gods universe, there is simply purpose dearest one, so think not in terms of blockages, think only in terms of messages.

In your meditations always ask, ‘Why am I here? God what would you have me do?’

Ask this in your meditations, you will receive an answer.

It will come so quickly that you may not believe it at first, so you’ll ask it again and it will come quickly again, and then you will sleep on it and you probably will not believe it at first, and then you will wake up and you will go get a psychic reading and the psychic will tell you the same thing.

And you will go to many sources getting the same answer until you believe it, and at the point that you believe it, you will know it, that there is always something to do, and there are truly no blockages.

Your time is now!

Ask in your meditation next time you do meditate dearest one, ask,

‘God what would you have me do here?'

'Why is it that I am still here?'

'Why is it that I have not moved from here?’

Ask this in your meditations, you will get an answer we promise you this!

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