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Memories... don't leave like people do! (Beenie Man Voice)

In meditation if one is attempting to improve memory... they should begin to attempt to remember the birth having process, the experience of being 0, 1, 2 and 3 years old.

In this Age of Information, where major sites like YouTube, Google and FaceBook (Meta) acquired the liberty of banning topics that disagree with a predetermined agenda, it is truer than ever that 'He who controls the Narrative, controls the Mind.'

Know that we all have the power to take control of our own narrative, our minds are infinitely powerful. Why not tap into that power and make some long overdue edits?

*The following is channelled information...

One can freely edit their memories, this Source finds it rather comedic that people think that their memories are objective, are set in stone. This Source finds it comedic that people do not simply just edit the memory itself to make it more harmonious.

Are you not infinite creators?

Why not step up on the pedestal of this rather then succumbing to a silly memory that doesn’t have to have any meaning on the being except the meaning that the being would give?

You are an infinite creator thus you are paradoxically capable of giving meaning to a memory that causes you harm, more than you would give meaning to forgiveness that causes growth. This is your infinite creativity, this is your power as it is termed, this is your expression of the Infinite Creator.

You say to God, ‘Dearest God I would seek to limit myself by having this memory control my every reaction!’ And God does not judge, he simply observes, and he observes and finds it funny when the being complains that he does not have any of the abilities that he fantasises about, so see, are you not an Infinite Creator?

Trauma, the Source finds this a, as it is termed, cop out for evolution, for growth, for union with non-suffering. S052

It would be understood that memories, you see, are not permanent, they are not set in stone, they can be altered and changed if the soul would permit this experience of creativity.

Past lives are past lives though, see, past lives are indeed as they are, one may not be able to edit the past life but through the creative mind of God one can re-live and choose differently in that experience through the power of the creative force, to then register an emotional experience the equivalent of the past life itself.

It would be understood that your lifetimes are a dynamic experience and when the Earth soul leaves this planet they are very much able to visit their past life experiences and see them happening before their eyes as the light is played back to them.

Then understood that in the experience of being a creator so is the soul intelligent enough to be able to live the experience of that past life again as a dream, to then edit their experience and/or make different choices as a part of the experience of being a creator. S056

Ones ability to access the deeper memory regions of their root mind would be more so to ones ability to communicate with the subconscious mind which exists within all dimensions. Building a relationship with the subconscious mind will allow one to excite the quanta at any dimension to allow for various patterns of vibration to surface into ones conscious mind or conscious experience of thought having and thought creation, thus there is only such the repetitive practice of meditation for with each meditation there is a degree of moving closer to being in a relationship with the subconscious mind, this is a steady repetitive and sometimes tedious practice that all spiritual seekers eventually begin to find interest and practice. It is that memory is quite a finicky thing for if one has access to their subconscious in its fullness, their subconscious will have to manually block out the various past lives so that the individual is not overwhelmed with all of their memories, so consider the process of increasing memory ability to be a slow one for each time you open the veil slightly the subconscious mind has to make millions of calculations to close certain doors to stop the conscious mind from wandering too far.

In meditation if one is attempting to improve memory they should work within the realms of present lifetime rather than pre-incarnative lifetimes and they should begin to attempt to remember the birth having process, the experience of being 0, 1, 2 and 3 years old, they should attempt to access these particular memories, this would catapult one’s ability to remember quite considerably for you are accessing memories that have not been excited for a very long time which will thus improve ones ability to essentially rummage through the dusty folders in their mind so to speak .

During these ages there is a degree of having exactitude in ones sense of connection to previous incarnations and pre-incarnative experience, within in the realms of 0-3 there is such a remembrance of being in the heavenly fields and planning said incarnations and not being a child, there is a sense of Godliness in equal that there would be the recollection of ones higher-self thus these memories are often forgotten as a part of the process of the forgetting during the incarnative experience, this is why we recommend to go back to these times of youngness for there is much information to be found within the ages of 0-3 and it would be that in the practice of trying to remember these times in meditation not only will you practice having the conscious mind being able to roam around the subconscious mind, which would be the equivalent of learning to walk again, there is in equal the opportunity for an individual to have recollection of pre-incarnative choices which would benefit one in ones path and walking.

To those that would seek to remember further we recommend that one would stick to remembering things within present life incarnation and it would be as such that if it is so that the Higher-Self in particular would see it beneficial for the self than a past life recollection can be given if it is beneficial but for the sake of efficacy then it would be suggested the same as was given. S064

If you would like help with the recollection of key events that are stored deep in the subconscious, we provide hypnotherapy services that will aid in safely regressing you back to these memories.

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