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Fish Philosophy

Do you know Fish Philosophy?


Well not surprised really, it’s not exactly public knowledge outside of the waters, but let me introduce you to it.

This is Fish Philosophy... and it's only right that Fish Philosophy comes from the perspective of an actual fish, so here's a lovely shiny goldfish called 'King' to break it down!

So, do you know Fish Philosophy?

Well, one important aspect of Fish Philosophy is that us fish aren’t scared of death, you know.

We are actually fully prepared for death as soon as we incarnate, and as soon as we die, we literally head back in and continue where we left off.

There isn’t even that *veil of forgetfulness… it’s just one continuous flow!

*For those not familiar with the Veil of forgetfulness, the veil removes consciousnesses ability to control it's environment, for instance, if the veil of forgetfulness didn’t exist, a baby would have the ability to control their limbs from birth, that’s how deep the veil is.

Consciousness gets wiped clean by disrupting the Astral body, wiping memories of the souls true self and its access to the subconscious mind. No matter if you are a god from the highest planes or a monkey graduating into a human vehicle, it doesn’t matter, when you pass into the veil of forgetfulness you are given a blank slate.

Not everyone undergoes the same veil of forgetfulness though... for instance Jesus, Krishna and other entities have come to this planet with much less restrictions, even those of you that have the pleasure and joy of having spiritual experiences in a very spontaneous fashion have not gone through the same levels of disruption from the veil of forgetfulness that many have.

The other aspect of Fish Philosophy is how we see life, you humans are just silly!

You think there’s this whole predatory thing, you know, the shark kills the this, the that, the this, the that…NO!

No fish cares who’s killing one another, we don’t care! Honestly, we don’t care!

We understand that that’s just a part of the biological process, and that’s not what we are interested in.

We don’t see a difference in hierarchy, that hierarchy of power doesn’t exist to us, because the goal for us is learning.

We don’t care if the shark is stronger than this, and this is stronger than that... that thought doesn’t occur to us fish.

No one’s stronger than you! There’s no such thing as being stronger then somebody, even if that someone’s a shark.

That thought just doesn’t occur to us. If we see a shark, we just run, and if the sharks not hungry, then we have a chat.

“You talk to sharks and people that try and eat you?” says the questioning human mind.

If they’re not hungry then yes, we’re completely open to chat because we don’t hold it against each other, we just understand that that is nature, and that’s how this universe works, and you should apply that philosophy to your life...

Stop thinking people are sharks, they’re not sharks - they’re just fishes.

That’s Fish Philosophy!

Pretty profound from a Goldfish!!!

So next time you are around those that are selfish, self-absorbed or just plain narcissistic, remind yourself. They're not sharks - they're just fishes! 🐟

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