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A Deep Dive into Memory

Memory is stored in the deep regions of the electrical lifeforce and are then connected to the brain like an analogue. Consider your silver cord to be something that is greatly responsible for connecting the memories of the subconscious, which are your memories, to the body.

My memories not what it was... it was crap! I'm happy to say its improving, its a work in progress that's progressing. You see I had an extended relationship with a little green friend, that wasn't Yoda. It was a plant that some governments don't particularly like and for a long time I thought it had had a detrimental effect on my memory. It however appears the detrimental effect was on the receptors, not the memories themselves. We are told here that memory never truly disappears, yes the aspects of the brain that process them can become damaged, but the memories themselves are stored in a deeper region of the electromagnetic force, and as we meditate and become more familiar with those subtle planes, we can learn to stimulate these little forgotten beauties into playing back for the minds eye to perceive, and yes, this even includes those from past lives and experiences.

*The following is channelled information...

Memory structures are configurated electrical fields, the crystalline structure is how it maintains its integrity. Crystals are not limited then to what is understood as objects that do not move, crystals can be liquid like, gaseous; gaseous is gridded in the manner into which it vibrates, it has a matrix, a patternated structure usually referred to as geometry. Imagine liquid geometry, gaseous geometry which remains in place because the plasma or the electricity, the energy is structured in the manner to which it sings, this would be the relative relationship they have.

The plasma is the energy, the energy fields themselves, that is electricity as some may call it for electricity and plasma are the same thing usually used to describe different systems.

Plasma is but the loose electrical fields, loose electricity that finds ease of movement, it moves faster and quicker and vibrates at a quickened speed, crystals are made, yet the crystals are liquid in nature or we would prefer to say gaseous, as in free in travelling like a bird in the sky.

And then, indeed it becomes so that you would see upon looking on a human brain, regions of the brain that are associated with the memory that is in fact stored in a deeper region of the ethers, those sub-sub densities as could be described. Memory is stored in the deep regions of the electrical lifeforce and are then connected to the brain like an analogue.

Consider your silver cord to be something that is greatly responsible for connecting the memories of the subconscious, which are your memories, to the body.

The silver cord is akin to some kind of fibreoptic cable, it transmits information from the great mind, through the medium of the soul, and then into the body, it works in such a way as to mediate the connection that the Over-Self - as is understood as being not only a thing of itself but the subconscious mind - indeed, it is so that the Over-Self may be able to be permanently connected to souls, that it stretches from its own Source. The Over-Self in truth is always in love with its soul for the Over-Self sees its soul as its child.

If the Over-Self were to disappear for whatever cosmic reason then the body would merely shut down, the soul would disappear and any memories that were there would go as such.

The silver cord is then like a fibreoptic cable or an electrical cable, it transmits high frequency information from itself to the body and from the body to itself, this is how the soul can maintain itself in the body, how the body can maintain its structure, and how, especially the reason why humans in fact have infinite memory storage, for in truth if the amount of neurons in and of themselves were to for whatever reason run out, neurons would temporarily be, let us say, degenerated so that neurogenesis could take place, so that the memory can then be felt in the body itself.

When the body no longer exists, for the body has been departed, for the body is quite literally dead, a crude word perhaps, it is then significantly easier to remember things for you are remembering directly through the Over-Self rather than the Over-Self having to go through the crying effort of sending the correct information’s or data streams into the body.

There is a strong relationship here, it is important to understand that there are many levels to life and the physical body indeed has certain regions of itself responsible for storing memories specifically in the limbic system. A scientist of your kind will analyse it and say ‘Ah, here is where memories are,' or 'If we take out this portion of the brain the entity cannot remember.’

However, if it were true that memories were stored in this region of the brain, then if humans had regenerative ability and could regenerate a deleted region of the brain then the memories should not return, but they do. And if humans did have regenerative ability even if the hippocampus was destroyed, after its repair the human would remember again what it had once forgotten, signifying that memory is stored in a deeper region of what your scientists call 'electromagnetism', we call it 'that consciousness that yields', what is understood then, by the ‘J’ entities as motion, what is currently being translated into electrical terms so that people of your planet will be able to understand it based off the language and jargon they use, so you see that memory in fact is stored in a deeper region of the electromagnetic force, which is like a piano scale stretching for miles increasing in frequencies, allowing for various dimensions to exist.

Here then is how memory is stored in the body, and in the nature of its storage it is typically stored in crystal like structures, if you were to look deeply into the manner in which the electricity is interacting with itself to produce those holographic images that an individual sees when its mind eye, the typically called 3rd eye, remembers something, for in working memory you are exciting a field of quanta, that excited quanta is thus played back in the mind for the minds eye to perceive. One’s ability to excite the quanta will determine ones ability to memorise, thus the more time you spend within the subtler dimensions which are not so subtle for they are so densely filled with life, the better the individuals memory will be for they become familiar with that particular environ.

If you would like help with the recollection of key events that are stored deep in the subconscious, we provide hypnotherapy services that will aid in safely regressing you back to these memories.

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