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A Deep Dive into Memory

Memory is stored in the deep regions of the electrical lifeforce and are then connected to the brain like an analogue. Consider your silver cord to be something that is greatly responsible for connecting the memories of the subconscious, which are your memories, to the body.

My memories not what it was... it was crap! I'm happy to say its improving, its a work in progress that's progressing. You see I had an extended relationship with a little green friend, that wasn't Yoda. It was a plant that some governments don't particularly like and for a long time I thought it had had a detrimental effect on my memory. It however appears the detrimental effect was on the receptors, not the memories themselves. We are told here that memory never truly disappears, yes the aspects of the brain that process them can become damaged, but the memories themselves are stored in a deeper region of the electromagnetic force, and as we meditate and become more familiar with those subtle planes, we can learn to stimulate these little forgotten beauties into playing back for the minds eye to perceive, and yes, this even includes those from past lives and experiences.

*The following is channelled information...