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Dreams are abstracts of the mind, but in some cases they are communications from the higher aspects of self, what science would call the subconscious mind, those aspects of mind that we are not consciously aware of, the deeper mind, that like an iceberg remains below the surface but has the discipline and intelligence to control everything we need to function properly, from breathing and digesting, to the remarkable complexities of cellular repair, and memory distribution/recollection, this is all sub. 

The Subconscious doesn't bother to communicate in verbal language, why should it? After all a picture is worth 1,000 words, so it is able to pass far greater concepts, in greater detail, through movie like symbolism. 

You are the one that holds the key to interpreting these symbols, this is the language of your own soul after all, and they feel real because your soul is real.

Through hypnotherapy techniques we take dream interpretation to the next level, guiding you in unlocking the near infinite potential that lies within your dream realm.

If dreams come from the subconscious, why interpret them consciously?

Doesn't it make more sense to step into your subconscious so you can interpret them within their own realm? 

We can step you back into your dreams, to re-experience them with a completely different level of understanding and turn them into a quite remarkable resource of near limitless potential.

Sometimes, they may choose to shout at you to get a point across, we call these nightmares, for what better way to make you pay attention then force you to consciously recall the message?

There are times when they will happily repeat themselves, over and over and over again for what can be years, patiently waiting for you to understand and action the meaning of the message in the reoccurring dream.

And then there are those who have advanced to a level where they can project their conscious mind into the subtler Astral planes during their sleep and communicate with the rest of their being in a higher level of detail. Here the dreaming advances into the process of Lucid Dreaming, affording the opportunity for one to explore and awaken aspects within that are dormant in most.

Strangely dreams inherently have no intention whatsoever, as we said, they are abstracts of the mind, but if you are musing on an important issue, thinking deeply on something enough for the idea to carry into the higher ethers, the dreamworld, then the result will be answers of many kinds as your thoughts carry themselves up to touch the rest of your soul, and your soul platonically responds by touching you with its love and wisdom in symbolic form. We can help you to unlock this powerful source that comes from within.

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